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Make a hat just in time to wear to your local Harry Potter party! The hat is modeled after the standard issue brimless Hogwarts student hat. The last book comes out on the 21st of July 2007. I'll be attending one wearing this felt hat that I made in just 30 minutes.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
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Gather these before you start:
-Black felt or fleece fabric, MUST be fairly stiff to stand up a bit.
-gold felt or fabric, contrasting felt for letter H (Could also use house colors, e.g., green and silver in an S for Slytherin)
-Measuring tape
-Tailors chalk, or other light colored writing tool
-Black thread
-needle, or sewing machine
-hotmelt glue or more thread to attach the crest

Step 2: Measure and Calculate

Picture of Measure and Calculate
First, take your tape measure (if you don't have one you can use a bit of non stretchy string or fabric) and measure the circumference of your head where you want your hat to sit.
You'll be cutting out a piece of fabric a little wider than a quarter of a circle.

Take the measurement of the circumference of your head, multiply it by 4 and plug it into the equation for finding the circumference of a circle (2 pi r=C).

To see how I did this, check out the graphic:
(it also has the awful sketch from the hogwarts crest.)

Take the measurement you get for R the Radius and add an inch or so for your seam allowance.
I made 12 of these for my birthday party a while back. They still get lots of use, and (much to my relief) stay on really well. Great instructable Thanks!
rweerakkody6 months ago

Thank you so so so much for posting the calculations! I made an experimental hat now using newspaper, looks good. Ill add little over an inch to my head's circumference to get the best fit I want. You helped a lot by posting this. Thankkss!!!!

Akca1 year ago

It was really easy, quicker than 30 min. and my kid loved it. Me too... :)

racheld152 years ago
Thanks for sharing your instructions! My kids love their hats and they were so easy.
zmay13 years ago
I made one it is really cool
Wow, I love this! I'm going to make one!
This is awesome! Thanks! It's a little late for the 7th book, considering it's nearly a year later, but I'll make one for the next movie. Also, I would have used red or maroon for the 'H' and maybe made it a 'G' for Gryphindor, but yours is more generic. Really cool!
I'll definitely try this for the hats for my Potter party. Thanks!
yngla7 years ago
Really nice hat! I made 12 of them to my daughter´s birthday. We´re both looking forward to the party!
Robyntheslug (author)  yngla6 years ago
That's great! Thanks for trying the pattern, glad you liked it! -R
Skellington7 years ago
Wow, I love it!
Robyntheslug (author)  Skellington7 years ago
Thank you!
Jouda Mann7 years ago
You are a fine example of someone who not just accept, but REVELS in her geekdom. Well Done!
Robyntheslug (author)  Jouda Mann7 years ago
*laugh* thanks.... I think!
HamO7 years ago
Love the hat!
Robyntheslug (author)  HamO7 years ago
How cute! :D
Robyntheslug (author)  grimsqueaker7 years ago
Thank you! It was fun and easy to make!