My Halloween project consisted of a dropping spider triggered by a PIR motion sensor mounted on a Jackolantern and controlled by an arduino MCU. The motion sensor triggered a dropping spider, lights, sounds, low laying fog and finally a tweet with a picture attached (http://twitter.com/ioalerts).

Step 1: Parts List

These are the parts that I used for this project:
you need a warning sign that says warning spiders dropping(like a ped xing sign)
could we have a little more information on how the servo turns the video tape? Is there a magnet glued inside the tape? or is it by pure friction?
Is pure friction. I added a metal square bracket that fits right in the VHS tape.
Step 7's link to the 'Fog Chiller' instructable is dead. Nice project though. Im thinking im going to do the dropping spider this year.
I guess that Instructable no longer exist :( here a link to a similar one:<br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-a-Fog-Chiller-for-10/
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&nbsp;I feel pretty sure I have trick or treated at your house once before. How very odd

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