Picture of Halloween Puppy Costume - Horse & Jockey
It's Halloween costume time for the dogs again & this time I have a puppy! I wanted to make a costume for Dexter that I could attach a leash to, not be difficult to wear and we out of chewing range. I fell in love with the "jockey" costumes that I have seen online, but I didn't want to pay the $30+ dollars that they cost.

This costume was fairly easy to make and it took me a little over an hour to complete.

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Step 1: Tools And Supplies

Picture of Tools And Supplies
This costume cost me around $5 to make. Most of the materials I had at home. I bought the dog harness at the dollar store & got the Beanie baby at a thrift store.

To make this costume, you will need; a dog harness, a soft toy that has posable arms & legs (and a hat if possible), red & brown felt, shiny red fabric, black & white Vet Wrap (self-adhesive animal bandage), a china marker, a magic marker, scissors, needle & thread, a measuring tape and a hot glue gun.
laffy6611 months ago
I want it for my dog
VeganEthan11 months ago

This is great. Simple and doesn't obstruct the dog. Perfect for a laugh, creative, and lets you avoid the ire of those who think dressing dog up is akin to eating them.

Mizmickey1 year ago
You should make a Clifford the big red dog and Emily Elizabeth for little kids!
hahahahahahah Soooooo cute! hahahahahahahahahahaha.
bonnyjishop3 years ago
Thanks for posting this instructable ! I Love it ! We have a Jack Russell terrier i was thinking how easy it would be to get our 3 year old Grandson to walk him if the dog was wearing something like this! I think he'd jump at the chance !
sdtacoma3 years ago
That's the best dog costume I have ever seen. Great job!
Doggie Stylish (author)  sdtacoma3 years ago
Thanks! I had fun making it!
fermp3 years ago
This is great :)
bajablue3 years ago
kwestra3 years ago
I'm going to send this to my brother. His Pitbull/Grayhound mix already looks like a horse :)
Hilarious!!! I love it.
ChrysN3 years ago
That is so adorable!
mikeasaurus3 years ago
haha, awesome!