Introduction: Master Chief Halo Armor.

Picture of Master Chief Halo Armor.

This indestructable is on making halo armor.


Lots of cardstock
glue and staples
lots of pading black is probably the best color
motorcycle visor
reference pics
dobble sided tape
LEDs optional
primer, spray paint
fiber glass mat 3 yards
lots of straps

Step 1: 1 Getting Started

Picture of 1 Getting Started

Go to this link and download Pepakura you will need it to print the armor layout.

Then go to this link to chose what parts and weapons you want.

On Desktop make a separate folder named Halo Armor
When saving the files be sure to save then to the Halo Armor folder and BE SURE TO RENAME THE FILES TO WHAT PART OF ARMOR THEY ARE...... TRUST ME

Also go to this link to chose reference pics. Print at least 10 on 2-3 pieces of paper.

The first link has better pictures. Heres more links for reference pics.

Step 2: 2 Basics

Picture of 2 Basics

Print the layout on card stock or heavy paper.
If you use heavy paper you might need to feed it into the printer one at a time.

Step 3: 3 Hardest Step

Picture of 3 Hardest Step

After printing cut out all the pieces with scissors or a utility knife.
Fold and assemble all the parts. Use glue and small staples if you are sure they will be invisible when the armor is complete.
This is probably the step you are going to take the most time on.

This is the result of how your armor/weapons should look right now.

Step 4: 4 Biggest Step

Picture of 4 Biggest Step

Get 2-3 buckets of aqua resin.
Apply one coat on the inside of the armor and give it at least an hour to dry.
Repeat with the outside.

You can carve out detail with a rotary tool they cost $15 at big art supply stores.

Now is the time to paint your armor. USE SPRAY PAINT The best color combination is
1. Primer
2.One coat of silver.
3.One coat of desired color. (Black works best)

Since your armor isnt very strong break up the fiberglass into small pieces. The pieces should not be any bigger than a.................. cracker or half the size of your cellphone screen (unless you have an iPhone, then go with 1/3)
Glue in the pieces of fiberglass ONLY ON THE INSIDE , REALLY .......... YOU WILL MESS IT UP TRYING TO PUT IT ON THE OUTSIDE.
After gluing in the fiberglass, put more glue on top and put in the foam (not Styrofoam) it should all ready be cut to size.
NOT ALL of the inside should be covered just in the center.
KEEP foam at least 1-2in away from the edge of your armor if you don't it will stick out and look ugly.
The foam should be about 1in thick.

Step 5: 5 Helmet

Picture of 5 Helmet

After completing all the steps will notice that the helmet is not functional. To solve this problem cut out the visor. Carefully replace it with the motorcycle visor. You can find one on eBay or at a junk yard.

Step 6: 5 Straping In

Picture of 5 Straping In

Now to make your armor wearable you need to find some log johns just like the ones it the picture.
Get black colored ones since they look like realistic under-armor.

You will need a friend to help you in this step.
Put on your long johns. Start with the chest piece and work your way down.
When putting on your armor be sure to strap it in tightly.
A good idea is to use plastic buckles (picture bellow) but only if you can hide them under the armor.
After putting on a piece of armor move around to be sure its comfortable.
This step may take a while, but if you don't take your tine you will regret it latter.

Step 7: 6 Final Step

Picture of 6 Final Step

Make weapons the same way but without the foam.

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cjfive5 (author)2014-10-23

I made one master chief rules

laval909 (author)cjfive52016-01-22


auhryn (author)2013-10-27

Do you put the fiberglass on the inside before or after painting?
How thick should the fiberglass be?
Thanks in advance

laval909 (author)auhryn2016-01-22

1. Doesn't matter

2. I recommend about half an inch but if the armor is to big for you probably all the way until it's comfortable and fits you

3. Np

slawrence2 (author)2011-06-06

about making weapons how am i suppose to put resin and cloth on the inside of a weapon from halo?

laval909 (author)slawrence22016-01-22


ghostrider2 (author)slawrence22011-11-29

most of them are modular, so you can do one piece at a time. the assault rifle, for instance, is broken into about 30 different pieces that go together once assembled

Master-Chief (author)2011-03-20

Far easier and less time consuming to make this armor out of foam floor mats! I have an instructable up and this page has materials for sale and tutorial videos ->

rjbthor (author)2010-10-12

I am needing a skilled armor maker to fabricate a master chief costume for my 7 year old son. Nothing super fancy. just something that he can wear for halloween. Something that Velcros on. It can be bule colored or green. He will wear black under armor. I would like to have him a head piece but it can not cover the face (school rules). I will pay 300-400 $ to have this project completed.

Email me at asap if you are willing.

yoshi1 (author)rjbthor2010-12-20

you can buy them off of eBay for $300.

yoshi1 (author)yoshi12011-01-16

Don't listen to me anyone!

weasel999 (author)rjbthor2010-11-21

sorry i moved to a different country and i am really super buisy
im not even posting any instructables even though i have ben doing quite a lot of projects

briackman (author)2009-07-29

you porbably never made halo armor did you

weasel999 (author)briackman2010-11-21

i got about half done
dont judje me by the lack of pictures
if you would be kind to give me a cammera 4 xmass i will flood you with pictures

pendalf (author)2009-11-07

word for word from bfx! But good job

weasel999 (author)pendalf2010-11-21

yes and no
i didnt get the whole armor done yet (after 2 years) and i found bfx abot halfway through the build

darkscourge22 (author)2010-11-21

is pepakura free ?? because on the page it says registration is $38

weasel999 (author)darkscourge222010-11-21

of course
theres a free viewer
but the designer is pay
the viewer will work just fine unles you plan to desighn ur own project
soorry 4 spells

hhhttt (author)2009-10-12

can u find the desighn without the download

badideasrus (author)hhhttt2010-09-15

not really. u have to use the pepakura files to print it out correctly. someone may have saved the output as jpegs, but u'll be downloading tons of pictures instead......

badideasrus (author)2010-09-15

lol. someone has a sence of humor. u have a lazer cutter lying aroung? how bout a welder? cuz if not ur in for a LOOOONNNNGGG build. on the plus side, it would be a rather nice suit.

slawrence2 (author)2010-07-28

question do I have to add 7 layers of cardstocks on each part of the armor

badideasrus (author)slawrence22010-09-15

only if you plan on makeing the armor entirely out of cardstock..... no, one layer should be enough... maybe two if you feel like spending the time (i don't think it's nessisary)

nycyellow (author)2010-08-22

how can I get the printable lay out when I click at the first step it take me to peparuka but I dint see anything there to click and print ,, please help

badideasrus (author)nycyellow2010-09-15

u need to download the pepakura files and then load and print those. alternatively, if you have 3d models, you can load a model and it will automatically make a file (that needs a LOT of cleening up. ) just find the files on the internet.....

slawrence2 (author)2010-09-04

by the way after you cut and fold the pieces out how do you put them together Rubber cement? also the rotary tools- isn't it $60 or more - is it located in the hobby lobby store I need help

badideasrus (author)slawrence22010-09-15

i've heard wood glue works great. also, if you have an aircompressor, you can get a rotary tool at biglots (least, i did) it's no the most well built tool, but it works..... and it's cheep. hope you have a biglots near you....

Killa B 686 (author)2010-06-08

where can i find fiberglass resin and/or the fiberglass sheets that you mentioned?

nycyellow (author)Killa B 6862010-08-22

at any body shop stores or big auto parts like pepp boys, auto zone etc

slawrence2 (author)2010-07-28

Do I have to add 7 layers of cards stocks on each part of the armor

chipitin1 (author)2010-05-08

I'm thinking of making the armor about how long does it take and how much does it cost?

atombomb1945 (author)chipitin12010-05-27

I am getting ready to start this for Halloween this year.  Figure on a minimum of $100 to get started for the base line costume.  The more detail you put into this, the more $$$ it is going to be.  But, if it is spread out over time, it shouldn't be to bad. 

Provided you already have the computer and printer, your two big purchase items to start with are going to be the paper (about $15) and the resin (about $15-30 to start out).  After this it will be a bit here and there as you need items.

xxstickxx (author)2009-11-26

your turorial is good.  but for fiberglassing you dont glue it in. you mke another batch of resin. substatute the glue with resin and its all good:P i build it quite abit. if oyu need more info go to our forums my username here is the same on the forums

and somone said something about most of us use spray on truck bed liner? its been quite awhile since one of us has used that method like maybe a year ago. almost everyone uses fiberglass and resin. and yes you skipped bondo and spot putty.

keaganater (author)2009-11-09

can you use fiberglass resin

weasel999 (author)keaganater2009-11-11

yes but be carefull with it

Vixen8387 (author)2009-10-25

Got any pictures of it progress? i'm not sure what its meant by using the foam O.o

spartanleader_117 (author)2009-09-14

nice am doing one for halloween this year!!

pk linknight (author)2009-08-06

i think its pretty cool

RC-0720 (author)2009-06-23

okay, for the first thing, aqua resin isn't the only thing you can use. some people on the 405th use spray-on truck bed liner to do it, which dries quicker. second off, you entirely skipped the bondo layer, and you don't put the paint on immediately after you use the resin. here is how it is supposed to go: 1. pep 2.resin 3. fiberglass 4.bondo 5. paint job

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