Picture of Han Solo Blaster
In this tutorial I'll teach you how to make a pretty good Han Solo blaster replica using a children's toy to start with.

Materials Needed:

Han Solo toy blaster
Drill bit (1/16 inch)
"Hole saw" drill bit (about 1/2 inch)
Paint (black/silver/brown)
Painters or masking tape
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Step 1: Get your gun

Picture of Get your gun
I am making this Han Solo blaster for my Halloween costume. For that reason I want it to look real but it doesn't need to pass for an authentic movie replica. There are a lot of options online but I found the cheapest option to be the Han Solo toy blaster.

I ordered mine from Wal-Mart and they shipped it to my local store for free. I was worried it would be smaller, like for children's hands, but it was actually a great size, probably even the same as the movie version.

Step 2: Preparing the Barrel

Picture of Preparing the Barrel
2013-10-08 13.38.25.jpg
2013-10-08 13.41.55.jpg
2013-10-08 13.43.28.jpg
The gun is bright orange and white, hardly realistic. On top of that, where the holes should be on the barrel, they are instead only indentation marks. To make this gun look more real I took a 1/16" drill bit and drilled out the holes along the outside of the barrel. This goes really quick since its thin plastic.

The front of the barrel (where the shot should come out of) is also covered. For this I had some "hole saw" bits lying around and found one that was about 1/2" wide which was a pretty good fit. I carefully drilled out the front of the barrel. When I did this the barrel came off and I thought I broke it, but then I realized it is made to. Probably would have been easier to pull it off in the first place before I drilled it out.

There were a few parts on the front of the barrel that the hole saw bit didn't quite get so I used a pair of pliers to just break off the extra plastic that was left.
Bwilson Props4 months ago

hey, i built my own one too, it's great what you can do with such cheap materials!..


Good work thanks! Will post my results based on your great Instructable!

ryanhaldy (author) 1 year ago
Figured I should show everyone why I made the blaster. I definitely wasn't trying to make a movie replica, but I think my costume turned out pretty well. Not to mention that my wife came along with me as 'Hoth' Leia.
2013-10-30 21.51.57.jpg2013-10-30 21.49.46.jpg
Awesome job!! Looks great!
mntbkrguy1 year ago
That is so cool I love star wars!
You can just spray a small amount on a piece of paper and use a paintbrush for the "bolt looking things". Takes about 10 seconds and you don't have to worry about the funnel leaking.
dad_a_monk1 year ago
Most people don't have the law right about fake guns having to have an orange tip. Only when a replica or toy gun is SOLD does it have to have an orange tipped barrel. Once you own it there is no violation to reverse or cover the safety coating. The law goes back to a kid killed in LA by a police officer when the kid jumped out of bushes with the old black laser tag guns in the 80s. Obvisoully the gun was not a real shape of a gun but it was dusk and the officer took it as a real weapon. So the choice to keep the orange tip is a personal not legal choice. and I agree I would never have a blaster with an orange tip. Defeats the purpose of the prop. This is a GREAT guide. Big Star Wars fan!
Instead of using rub and buff you can put paint on a paper towel it's basically the same thing
Nice! Title picture reminds me of the cover of the first Foo Fighters Album.
ryanhaldy (author)  vigothecarpathian1 year ago
Haha I didn't even think of that but it does! I remember when that album came out and I wondered if it was a picture of Han's blaster.
foehn1 year ago
What a great job! And all done with paint, very easy. Years ago, friends and I made a blaster from the first Star Wars movie, for a friend's Han Solo costume. We pieced it together with bits and pieces of stuff from other things and hand carved some of it. But yours, yours is explictly explained and looks easier to do--with that toy base to start. You are inspiring me to make one, just for the hail of it. 'Cuz I want one!
ryanhaldy (author)  foehn1 year ago
Thanks for the compliments. It's a complicated enough shape that to spend $13 on the gun and then only have to add paint was TOTALLY worth it for me as opposed to trying to make the gun from wood, metal, or something else.
jberry41 year ago
Awesome. Would have been made even more realistic substituting the silver paint with silver rub n buff. :)
Looks very nice!
For safety reasons i would have left the tip orange. You never know when your having a drink at your favorite Cantina on Tatooine when someone decides to shoot you.
Or you could just do like Han and shoot first
ryanhaldy (author)  thematthatter1 year ago
Ya, the packaging on the gun even says, "Do not modify this gun to look real blah blah blah." The whole point though is to make this gun look real! Who wants an orange tipped DL-44 heavy blaster pistol? Not me!

I think the best advice, just don't walk around pointing it at people, especially if you're not at a Halloween party.