Hi all, this was a project for my partner that I just finished today. It is made of MDF and stained with a mix of acrylic paint and boiled linseed oil. All the screws and hinges are brass. The design was done using the software AutoCAD but was hand carved using 2 different sized bevelled chisels.

<p>That. Is. Beautiful. Man, it would be so cool to be able to woodburn something like this.</p>
<p>thanks, yeah it would look good wood burned. I have never done wood burning, but I have seen many great work done by people who have mastered it.</p>
<p>i tried your link not working</p>
<p>sorry, I have closed my website, couldn't keep up with the costs</p>
Dude... that is some straight up awesome work! Please share a picture of the chisels you are using. I would definitely like to learn more about this process.
i love it 5/5
ow i would love to see the dwg or dxf file posted here.<br>The disigns would also look great transferred on the backrest of a chair.<br>Nice job, well done
Beautiful work. I was really looking forward to seeing steps/instructions/how-to. Greatly disappointed.
Nice design, and well executed.<br><br>well done!
beautiful! I love it!
i appreciate the design work but not the method...i find hand tools to be amazing and rewarding, in my experience. good job though, keep up the good work.
Do you mean you don't like that I use a computer to draft my designs? All the carving is done by hand using 2 bevelled chisels. I like designing on the computer as it gives me more accuracy when drafting the designs.
i insist on apologising, i failed to read the second part of the paragraph<br>
ah, i see i misunderstood. my apologies<br>
No need to apologise, I just re-read my description and see how it can be misinterpreted.
Now that I finally can see all the pictures (a problem with a Firefox add-on...)<br>I must say this is beautifully done! The shape is definitely unique!<br>
Another incredible piece of Celtic art! This one would make the monks who worked on the <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Book_of_kells" rel="nofollow">Book of Kells</a> envious... Although the contents might make their eyes burn;-)<br> <br> And certainly worthy of 5 stars!<br> <br> I think with your skills and technique, you could hang out&nbsp; a shingle on <a href="http://www.etsy.com/" rel="nofollow">Etsy.com</a>, and I'm sure you would find a customer-base eager to buy your wares!
Thank you so much Winged Fist. I already have an Etsy store but have only sold one thing since June, but hopefully if I make more books, they might be a great seller
it looks really cool... how did you carve it ?
I used 2 different sized bevelled chisels and a carving knife. For the background, I made tiny indentations using a dremel

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