This Instructable shows you how to take those old hand held games your mom gave you when you were little and make it into a large scale game that can be projected onto the tv and played by multiple players at once. This instructable will include:

*Creation of projections of the game onto a large format TV screen using mini cameras
*External buttons vs. directly on the game's circuit board using soldered wires

Step 1: Deconstruction of Your Game....

In this step you will need to take apart your hand held game to find out just exactly what you are dealing with. You will most likely need to do the following:

  • remove all screws from the back / front of device and separate the case from the inner circuit board
  • remove screws from the inner parts of the game, including any on the circuit board themselves
  • make sure you keep track of what part goes where...having an organizer or piece of paper with listed out parts that you can later sort out into containers such as plastic ziplocks will be helpful.
why do u need the camera
Hahaha...Very cool project. Nice nails too...Hahaha :p
Thanks, for all you supporters...this SCHOOL project was not easy for being a novice at learning how wiring and circuit boards all work...its great to know that ppl out there are supportive! :)
This is a great project for kids in winter. Don't knock it. Most of the people that b*tch the most have never once posted an instructable. Seems no matter where you go on the net, there they are:( kudos for the nads to post, unlike others. I like your project.
You get on with you're bad self Jessi! :P Oh and pls don'tA stompA your're a Lil Last Season Prada Shoe's at me....Hooooney. :P lol ~Rogerbert
You you have to have sparkly nails to do this instructable? Great job, everything should be on a mega scale so we can pretend were all borrowers <sup></sup><br/>
cool! how much does that huge roll of solder cost? just wondering, i dont want to look it up right now :-)
wow i use to have on of those little shape maching machines when i was litle brings back memerios of a better time....
how to use a webam with a tv? else was just creating new buttons... and for those of you who saw the car battery hack... LAME!!!!!!!!
do this to a gameboy :-\
Could you believe our devices are being featured on instructables. We famous!! lol sorta. See ya tonight.
Welcome to internet stardom.

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