Picture of Hanging Bottle Light Bulb
Make a light bulb from an ordinary bottle.

My previous bottle bulb was a failure of the good kind. I learned quite a bit so check it out first before proceeding.


This one is simpler to assemble, display and has greater reliability.

Extensive research along with clues from other Instructables members has lead me here...

Please play safe when using compressed gas, deep vacuum in glass vessels and electricity....

Step 1: Materials

Please refer to my bottle bulb instructable...

Again you will need a clean glass bottle. I chose a clear bottle but a colored one would be preferable
A rough service light bulb.
2 part epoxy
some brass welding rod
A refrigeration schrader valve and stem.
a small section of 1 inch nylon rod.
Light wiring, heat shrink tubing and chain.

You will also need a vacuum pump. not a vacuum cleaner
Gauge assembly
Argon and regulator

Unorthodox3 years ago
Is there a reason you are keeping slightly negative pressure on the bulb? I get vacuuming the bottle to evacuate it and dry it out to keep things pure, but argon is denser than air (I thought) and it seems like keeping it at ambient pressure but 100% argon would help prevent leaks?

Just thinking out loud :)
I think you could also use helium and fill the bottle upside down without any vacuum.

Cool project.
Deeg3 years ago
Bravo! I'm very intrigued by your project. I have a couple of questions:

1) Is your bottle-bulb still working?
2) You left a little bit of negative pressure (i.e. a slight vacuum) in the bottle.  Any reason to not leave a slight positive pressure to keep oxygen from leaking into the bottle?
3) How hot does the bottle get?  I was thinking that a moldable plastic like sugru would be easier to plug the neck but it might not be able to stand the heat.
This is a great project. Have you ever seen this video?


I have a 1.75 liter Jagermeister bottle that I think would be great for this! Now all I have to do is befriend an A/C tech. lol
SIRJAMES093 years ago
I have yet to see a rat that a 12 ga. shotgun with deer slugs can not kill....LOL
curvy773 years ago
and for added use if you ever get into a fight you have a very hot glass bottle to throw.....(warning may want to wear gloves)
Random_Canadian (author)  curvy773 years ago
What the heck are you fighting that you need to throw hot bottles???? Do you need a 20 sided die?
VERY BIG RATS!!!! 20 sided die?
Random_Canadian (author)  curvy773 years ago
Very big rats would indeed call for the 20 sided die...
Rodents Of Unusual Size? I don't think they exist.
Best reply... PM me for your reward...
thier in the fire swamp.
radar483 years ago
Perfect ,thanks .But litle , weare need profesinal equipment.
criggie3 years ago
Most incandescent bulbs get awfully hot while running.
From memory something like 90-95% of the power is lost as heat.

What can you say about about heat?
Random_Canadian (author)  criggie3 years ago
Don't kiss the bottle!

Seriously just treat it as you would a normal bulb. The argon helps a little but it does get hot.
LesB3 years ago
Is there a chance of the bottle under vacuum if a larger bottle us used?
rfuller13 years ago
Very cool project! I request next one be a electron beam gun with a photo sensative layer! Next step, the boob tube :)
Oh come on you know high voltage electronics and higher vacuum means more fun! Especially if you use phosphorescent chemicals too! OK out of line, but it could be fun. Er ya
mikeasaurus3 years ago
Awesome, great improvement on your previous work!
Random_Canadian (author)  mikeasaurus3 years ago
Thanks, this one is still burning strong...