I created this guitar stand as a "under $10" secret santa gift using some leftover plywood and stain.  Most of the actual cost went into the hardware.

Step 1: Trace and Cut Upright Arm

I used 3/4" leftover plywood for the stand.  Trace out template for upright arm & cut with jigsaw.  The front to back dimensions were approximately 2x the depth of an acoustic guitar.  Height was enough to keep the guitar off the floor from the headstock down.
<p>Lovely idea, neat exceution and superclear instructable: thanks and congratulations. Muy buen trabajo!!!!</p>
<p>Thanks a million!! This was the perfect gift for my girlfriends birthday!</p>
Cool, it reminds me of the product from Take A Stand inc. I've been thinking of making one like this.
You got it...my original inspiration.
The finished product looks great. But I have to ask...what did you use to cut that plywood? Because it looks like a beaver got ahold of it.
LMAO...a beaver might have been better. I started this late night and I broke my last jigsaw blade so I made due with a circ saw, router and a heavy grit palm sander.
That's really easy, and looks really nice too. Good Job I'm going to try to make one
it's simply nice.
Great look and a very simple build! I don't have a guitar to measure from at the moment, but I would like to build a stand as a present. Would you mind giving a few more dimensions than the generalized '2x the depth of the body and at least the height of the guitar so it can hang' ?<br><br>Those of use not blessed with a guitar to measure would really appreciate it! Thanks a bunch and keep on building!
I just started building one of these, an average guitar is 4.75 inches at it's thickest and if you gave your self about 39 inches for the height of the upright arm you'd be fine. The widest part of an average guitar is about 15 to 16 inches.
i was about to make stands using plans found here for multiple guitars but then i saw your design and i changed my mind! plywood it is!
Great job. I think it looks great, and just made from plywood, impressive.
That is just gorgeous. If my boyfriend and I actually used our guitars, I'd be tempted to make one. :)
Nice one, I really like that, simple and effective. Well done

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