Introduction: Haruka

About: Hi!! I really like challenges and handmade so here i am:). I also like childhood - this is were from i got the name of my blog (my real name is Ruxandra, or Rux - as i'm usually called:P).

HI! This is Haruka - the first doll i've made . It is a very special gift for my sister and i was inspired by a anime character:).



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    It's flippin' AWSOME!!!! :D how'd you do the eyes? I can probably figure the rest out... but the eyes are rediculously bad butt! lmao

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    Is this a coincidence or what?:) I've just made an article trying to explain how i did the eyes.. unfortunatelly(for those who don't know it)i've written it in my language-, there is a google translate option for the page (i've laught a lot reading the translation, you can try too), but you can see there some photos with the process so i'll leave the link here. As for the working part :
    -i've crocheted the white part (i can't remember if i used LDC or HDC). The upper part of the eye is bigger than the lower part (so if you start with the bottom you'll have to put some stiches on top, and if you start with the top you'll have to crochet together at the end some stiches). The black part on top is worked in sl st. the bottom is sewed. You decide how big should the eye be.. here i might have worked about 5 rows.. or so.. and i think there were about 7 ch (started with the upper part). But i'm not very sure because i can't find my notes. If you want an easier way to do it.. just take some thicker material for the white part.
    As for the iris and the place spot inside, those are sewed (with a blunt needle for wool, except the vivid green - there i've used a normal needle).And of course i've left a white spot on the iris.. The sewing part it's pretty difficult as you have to be carrefull not to damage the white part (that has to remain as neat as possible).
    i'm pretty sure there must be easier ways to do this.. but since i had no other option back than for the eyes, i had to invent something:). and i like the way they turned out.

    Oh wow! This is so cute! What pattern did you use? Its amazing :D

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    I haven't used any pattern.. i've improvised while i was working... :)
    The body is worked in rounds (i believe this is the term) and has 6 parts (legs, hands, body and head)... She has pink underwear (2 parts) and the costume: skirt, blouse, shoes and legwarmers.. All clothers can be removed:)..
    About the head.. she has ears, a little nose, the eyes and the mouth of course. The hair is worked on a wig.
    And i've used the 2.5mm crochet, cotton and acryl(for the hair).. and a yarn needle.
    Ant the stiches: SC mostly (with some HDC, LDC, sl st... on the clothes).

    Wonderful thank-you! :D
    Could you do a Tutorial on it? If not that's fine xx

    i'll try to do a tutorial on the next doll that i'll crochet :D!
    (as soon as i get some spare time)

    Eee brilliant thank-you :D <3 x

    Well it's a photo instructable for "i made it photo contest":)
    This is an older project and i have no "step by step" photos.