I really hate lanyards. The ones you can buy look so pansy, they're too thin, they're ugly, and....I can't think of anything else bad to say about them. The other option is buying something more classy off the internet, but airsoft sites sell them way overpriced and Japanese sites sell pretty cool stuff, but getting it home is an issue.

What to do.

Having abandoned the thought of daring to use one, I visited my Chinese teacher (who is very cute, and Chinese) and noticed the lanyard she always uses is busted...cello-taped back together?
Big turn-off.

But thinking about it, I reckoned that there aren't really instructables on the subject, and a military grade, gothic looking lanyard would be something I could not only use, but also make. And would make a pretty cool gift to score brownie points with Miss Zhao. HooHaa.

And so brothers and sisters, my second instructable, hopefully not my last.

Step 1: Shopping/Scavenging/Looting List

These are the sort of parts you'll need:

1) Wire cutters and pliers for handling the metal parts
2) .5mm heatshrink.
3) Two mini-screwdrivers or really anything that can be used to wind wire coils.
4) Thin gauge wire (I think it's around .1-.3mm? Choose what you like the look of.)
5) Wooden, rib shaped beads. These are slightly hard to find, but you might find some at a craft market.
6) Cell-phone charm connectors. Go to any China mart for these. R5 for 7. That's about half a dollar.
7) 45-65cm of soft, black headphone wire. This is a very good material for stuff you'll hang around your neck.
It looks very 'Industrial' i like it&nbsp; is that some innertube i see wrapped around your phone ?? <br />
Nice work. I&nbsp;like the&nbsp;rings &amp;&nbsp;springs...&nbsp;But if you're going to go to all the effort to make a cool lanyard, then finish it off with a cool knot. The overhand knot you use is pretty boring (IMHO). Use a Matthew Walker knot at the top of the lanyard, the other end from the phone: <a href="http://www.beadandbutton.com/BNB/default.aspx?c=a&amp;id=87" rel="nofollow">http://www.beadandbutton.com/BNB/default.aspx?c=a&amp;id=87</a><br /> This a way cool lanyard knot, much nicer than the functional yet ugly overhand knot. <br /> <br /> Lanyards in general are not too pretty or functional, so building your own is always a better choice, I&nbsp;think. I use 3mm cord for my lanyards, it's a lot softer, comes in cool colors, and takes knots a lot better than cable. The lanyard I&nbsp;use for my keys has a chinese good luck knot at the key end with 2 loops and the 3rd for the tail of the lanyard (3 for good luck!). Going up the tail are 3 lanyard knots, a Matthew Walker knot, a cross knot, and another Matthew walker knot tied in the opposite direction. It looks cool and works well. It's more of a pocket lanyard, not one for around the neck, so the knots up the tail keep it from slipping out of my hand.<br /> <br /> Here are a bunch of chinese knots, including the cross knot and the good luck knot: <a href="http://www.trinitylondon.com/chinese-knots.asp" rel="nofollow">http://www.trinitylondon.com/chinese-knots.asp</a><br /> <br /> Cool project!
Woohoo! Glad you like! I kinda only know khow to knot in two ways - and I don't even know what they're called.<br /> <br /> Thanks a lot for the links! I've never thought about learning other ways to knot before...
thats cool

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