A few time ago, i found out a 3d printed Micro-Hexapod on Thingiverse.
I started to work on it in the following ways:
- create new accessories/components 3D printable
- explore the possible ways to drive this hexapod.

Here the results:
- a parametric battery holder that fits perfectly on it, without screws
- a parametric pen holder that transforms this hexapod in a drawbot!
- you can drive this hexapod via bluetooth, from your smartphone (here you can find also an Android App!) or from your PC
- you can drive this hexapod by using your nunchuk
- the hexapod can act as a light follower (thanks to 2 LDR)

Now you'll see how to build a full working hexapod!

Step 1: BOM

You need the following PRINTED PARTS:
1x Micro-Hexapod
http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5156 (by ljon)
http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:34796 (remixed by carlosgs)
files: body.stl & legs.stl

1x battery clip for 4AA
http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:109807 (by me)
file: battery_clip_4AA.stl

1x Pen Holder 
http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:110331 (by me)
files: PenHolder_hexapoduino_front.stl & PenHolder_hexapoduino_back.stl

You can eventually print an insect head / smile / other to put in front of the hexapod, to personalize it.

You need also the ELECTRONIC PARTS:
1x Arduino Mini or Arduino UNO (or compatible)
3x Microservo 9G
4x AA batteries (better if rechargable)

Then, if you want to make a light follower robot, you need:
2x LDR
2x 10K resistor

If you want to drive you robot using a nunchuk, you need:
1x nunchuk
1x nunchuk adapter (you can buy it or you can remove from an old / broken wiimote)
1x 10K resistor

If you want to drive you robot via bluetooth, you need:
1x HC-05 (or compatible) bluetooth module
1x 2K2 resistor
1x TS2950 33 (or compatible) voltage regulator 

<p>wheres the bluetooth code</p>
Hi and thanks :) <br>Yes, in the video i'm controlling it via bt. <br>Anyway, it draws the &quot;star&quot; simply turning left (or right) continuosly.
Thanks. <br>This is a very cool robot, looking forward to start building it, but in the video are you controlling ir via bluetooth?
i love that microdinkel :)
where can I purchase the chassis? I don't have a printer.
Hi, maybe www.shapeways.com can help you! <br> <br>Another way is to subscribe to reprap Forum: <br>http://forums.reprap.org/ <br>and ask there for the printing: someone will help you!
Your pictures are awesome! Good job!
Wicked awesome. Im a big fan of minimal design with maximum potential, and you totally nailed it. Great work!

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