Hexapoduino: tiny hexapod 3D printed, Arduino controlled

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Picture of Hexapoduino: tiny hexapod 3D printed, Arduino controlled
A few time ago, i found out a 3d printed Micro-Hexapod on Thingiverse.
I started to work on it in the following ways:
- create new accessories/components 3D printable
- explore the possible ways to drive this hexapod.

Here the results:
- a parametric battery holder that fits perfectly on it, without screws
- a parametric pen holder that transforms this hexapod in a drawbot!
- you can drive this hexapod via bluetooth, from your smartphone (here you can find also an Android App!) or from your PC
- you can drive this hexapod by using your nunchuk
- the hexapod can act as a light follower (thanks to 2 LDR)

Now you'll see how to build a full working hexapod!
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Step 1: BOM

Picture of BOM
You need the following PRINTED PARTS:
1x Micro-Hexapod
http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5156 (by ljon)
http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:34796 (remixed by carlosgs)
files: body.stl & legs.stl

1x battery clip for 4AA
http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:109807 (by me)
file: battery_clip_4AA.stl

1x Pen Holder 
http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:110331 (by me)
files: PenHolder_hexapoduino_front.stl & PenHolder_hexapoduino_back.stl

You can eventually print an insect head / smile / other to put in front of the hexapod, to personalize it.

You need also the ELECTRONIC PARTS:
1x Arduino Mini or Arduino UNO (or compatible)
3x Microservo 9G
4x AA batteries (better if rechargable)

Then, if you want to make a light follower robot, you need:
2x LDR
2x 10K resistor

If you want to drive you robot using a nunchuk, you need:
1x nunchuk
1x nunchuk adapter (you can buy it or you can remove from an old / broken wiimote)
1x 10K resistor

If you want to drive you robot via bluetooth, you need:
1x HC-05 (or compatible) bluetooth module
1x 2K2 resistor
1x TS2950 33 (or compatible) voltage regulator 

Step 2: Build the Hexapod

Picture of Build the Hexapod
Build the hexapod is really easy.
You can fix the servo motors to the plate using hot glue.
Then using few m3 screws (6), nuts (6) and washers (12), you can fix the legs to the plate.

Use hot glue also to fix the legs to the servo motors.

pictux (author) 1 year ago
Hi and thanks :)
Yes, in the video i'm controlling it via bt.
Anyway, it draws the "star" simply turning left (or right) continuosly.
This is a very cool robot, looking forward to start building it, but in the video are you controlling ir via bluetooth?
TecDroiD2 years ago
i love that microdinkel :)
mikeyd43902 years ago
where can I purchase the chassis? I don't have a printer.
pictux (author)  mikeyd43902 years ago
Hi, maybe www.shapeways.com can help you!

Another way is to subscribe to reprap Forum:
and ask there for the printing: someone will help you!
BrittLiv2 years ago
Your pictures are awesome! Good job!
Aleator7772 years ago
Wicked awesome. Im a big fan of minimal design with maximum potential, and you totally nailed it. Great work!