Picture of Hidden Drawer Safe
While building my entertainment center I decided to one up my standard design by combining a hidden gun safe drawer.  The project worked rather well with my original design but did require a few modifications and quite a bit of research on my part.  Seeing as this project is so closely connected to my entertainment center, I'll try to put a little more detail into the research and information portion of this instructable. 

When building a hidden drawer there are a few important decissions that need to be made.  Location is one of the primary decisions you will be faced with.  Luckily, I was in the middle of designing a piece of furniture where the safe was easy to integrate but the overall design of this slide motion/latch/trigger mechanisms can be moved into any "draw" type project.  Next is reigning in the slide motion/latch/trigger design.  I'm going to cover this in a little more detail before I venture into my project just to give an understanding of why I made some of the choices that I made.

When building a drawer, the slide motion begins with a drawer slide.  In this case roller drawer slides are pretty much only going to vary by length and strength. I used 24" TopSlide® Series Heavy Duty Slides that I purchased online from 

Next, and a bit more complicated is the motion.  Options for motion include Springs, Electric motors, or Hydrolics.  I'm going to stay away from the Hydrolic options and focus on the motors and springs.  Electric motors or linear actuators, give you the ability to open and close a drawer with the push of a button and can be smooth, quiet and strong.  If you prefer motors great but, I ran into a few negatives when trying to rationalize a motor for my design.  The first issue that came with the motor was the latch.  A motor eliminates the need for a latch because you can establish its limits electronically.  As long as the motor is reasonably strong you should be ok.  however, I ran into issues when it came to the failsafe I wanted.  What I mean by this is that the drawer, using a motor would require a complicated disengage so that you could still open the drawer in the event of powerloss or motor failure.  This is by no means impossible but I found it to be more complicated.  A motors motion control options are quite tempting though... just not where I felt I should go.  This brings me to the Gas piston spring.  The 24"easy lift from ended up being what I decided upon.  This gas piston cost a little over $100 but offered a controlled slow release and an adjustable pressure level.  Using a gas spring required a latch assembly but gave me all the features I wanted. 

So Materials break down to
A space
Drawer (steel in my case)  $120 
Drawer Slides   $50
Gate Latch $10
Electronic door strike $25
Keypad $45
Gas Spring $120
Wire $5
Misc nuts bolts and screws $5
Foam  $40
Electric knife $25

Oh and I have plans for some polished concrete medallions to decorate the entertainment center with.  A laser cutter would go a long way in helping with the molding design process.  Sounds like another instructable to me. 

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tesla18931 month ago


pgarcia2711 months ago
Id be interested to be sent how you did it.
pgarcia2711 months ago
You built that whole entertainment center?
Diozark1 year ago

Not Bad but, in an emergency looks tough to get to your guns, Bad Guys wont wait for you to punch in your secret code ?

Bump in the night, You need something in your hand Fast. and With a Civil War Approaching , You wont need to hide em, You will be looking for food and Ammo.

Best To You and Yours.

that is one of the sexiest things I have ever seen
Ares2521 year ago
um dude.... your missing some
You thought out everything in advance except one detail that I see as a mistake in this situation again and again. What happens when the TV size increases? Nice job on everything else, but when you want the TV a little bigger, you have to rebuild the structure.
FrozenIce2 years ago
You're the next Bruce Willis.... I can really imagine your house being used to film a Die Hard movie or maybe even a zombie apocalypse! Haha this is genius!
I think this is very well thought of. I was taught to respect guns and what they are capable of and will teach my son the same. I like the way you made it so as to be inconspicuous. I think this will deter little hands. I have been thinking of ways to have my guns at the ready when needed and not have to go running for the family safe.
jlrray2 years ago
This is brilliant... I've always been fascinated by hidden compartments and this seems like an excellent and elegant way to secure items in my home as well... Great Job. I look forward to seeing more in the future.
cowboynwh2 years ago
Nice Job my coworkers saw me watching the video they were amazed too.
pagan209 (author)  cowboynwh2 years ago
Wow, thank you so much.
NotaReelnom2 years ago
This reminds me of the movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith.
pagan209 (author)  NotaReelnom2 years ago
That was my motivation. Love that movie. Now to work on the behind the stove gun safe.
GemWebb2 years ago
Yah, but is the drawer opening dependant on electricity or an off the grid battery system? It would suck if the power went out. As bad an a car flipping over into a river with electric windows. Love the Hollywood style though. Good job!
pagan209 (author)  GemWebb2 years ago
The draw is powered by my grid tied alarm system which has its own battery backup. I have a second, hidden battery system to open the drawer by bypassing the keypad. There is also a third redundancy which I'll keep to myself. Understand completely what your talking about and was a consideration in why I used a gas spring to power it. Thanks for the post
h88642 years ago
i like the guns what are they?
pagan209 (author)  h88642 years ago
Its actually an ar-15, a SW revolver, couple glocks and a couple
I don't have much of an eye for guns, but the rifle looks like an M-16. The pistols are hard to see, however the empty cut-outs look like they would fit a 9 millimeter (right) and a revolver (left)
maybe its an ar-15
Nobody noticed how much this is like Mr. and Mrs. Smith????? IT'S FRICKING AWESOME!!!!!!! (both the movie and this 'ible)
hottacos12 years ago
are any of these the door strike you purchased?
hottacos12 years ago
when you ordered the gas spring, what did you enter as the extension-force?
pagan209 (author)  hottacos12 years ago
Well I honestly don't remember. I did order it with an adjustable feature. You can let out some of the gas and lower the pressure. If you do this just beware that filling the piston back up is something you'll have to send it back out to do. So lessen the pressure slowly. I want to say its like 15 lds. The lower the pressure the slower the drawer opens.
jaggdlynx2 years ago
I love it, I'm truly inspired.
Jason-B2 years ago
Nice Job
coldduck223 years ago
very nice i really wonder how to do that do you think you could post a instrcutable on this
pagan209 (author)  coldduck223 years ago
That's pretty cool. I dig how your using the faux shoes as your handle.
clrcopy3 years ago
One tip I saw awhile back while doing the foam cutting (but it was for photo gear) was to buy 2 layers of foam, equal thickness, that would be the height you need. Cut your templates out of the 1 layer, and stack it on the 2nd uncut layer, giving you a bottom layer. I do remember a glue or double stick tape being involved too :) great project!!! Gave me an idea for my own home, thank you!
tankaer3 years ago
Excellent 'ible. Ingenuity, craftsmanship, and gun safety is a nice combo.
elmigs3 years ago
what if you dont have electricity and need urgently to open?
pagan209 (author)  elmigs3 years ago
I have a spliced in wire that feeds to a hidden location. This wire allows me to attach a battery and bypass the keypad. I also have a hidden mechanical way of opening if necessairy.
Diabloscope3 years ago
Very Nice ! Im planning this with a Dresser Drawer using two 8" linear actuators and incorporate an Keypad safe lock i can buy that separate .
patron_zero3 years ago
That design begs to be turned on it's side into a vertical oriented sliding panel, any thoughts of adapting said design to fit 'behind' an armoire or like free-standing wardrobe ?
Anarx3 years ago
Wow very nice I'm quite impressed and would love this to be a feature of my home. Now going to play the bad guy a bit. Whats the path of least resistance? First and foremost i doubt someone could even find the keypad, let alone know WTF it was for if they did. you made this nice steel drawer but then left the surrounding area wood with out much in the way of reinforcements. so the wood would be the weak point in gaining access from what i can see. someone could in theory pry it open with a crowbar, but i don't know what would give first the lock or the board.

Also do you have any kids? not even remotely worried about them getting access, more along the lines of young kid's punching random numbers into the key pad and setting off the alarm.

Again not bashing you I am extremely impressed. I'm sure they are quite safe in that location from anyone. I also love the spyish style of it.

Nice Collection, What all do you got there? I see the AR, and one of the cutouts looks like its for a, USP tactical, and i think a Glock?. can't really make out the others
pagan209 (author)  Anarx3 years ago
No problem. I like the outside opinions, any shift in perspective only leads to improvement. You point out some good issues that I have also considered. I have thought about installing a steel sleeve in the drawer channel as a potential means of strengthening. Sleeve or no though, a properly motivated individual can get into anything. I think that the "Spy" feature and attached alarm system are probably the best safety features that I could have put into this. The lock is pretty heavy duty so I would have to put my money on the wood. I have actually made some portions of the assembly sacrificial, in order to slow someone down.

As far as the kids thing, it will keep them out. I do however feel that as a gun owner, it is not only my responsibility to know all I can about my weapons but to teach those that are forced to be around them by living with me. By teaching my kids about these weapons i find that it takes away some of that curiosity that leads to some of those tragic incidents.

Thanks again, I have AR, a Beretta PX4 subcompact and 92F, Glock 27 and 17, and a S&W Airweight 38. Most of these have the crimson trace lasers and the 92f has a Tac-light. I also have a couple shot guns. I have plans of making a shatterproof glass "in case of Zombie Attack, Break Glass" in wall hidden door release case for the shotguns. This may be a future instructable.

Again thanks for the suggestion
This hidden drawer in incredible, and I think that it is very smart of you to educate your family about these weapons. I can't wait to see your shotgun safe in an instructable!
tinker2343 years ago
notsavvy4 years ago
That is awesome!!
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