Picture of Hide your messy bookshelf with ikea panels
The purpose of this project is to build some cheap, light and removable panels to hide a messy bookshelf or use as a door.
This instructable can also be used to build a paint from a good designed fabric

NEW: I published the instructable of the whole attic
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
  • Meter
  • White or transparent Silicone glue
  • 'U' shaped aluminium bars
  • White alveolar polypropyllene (plexiglass)
  • Cutter and scissors
  • ikea fabric (it's very cheap! about 4 euros for square meter)
  • staples gun (manual)
  • tape

Step 2: Measure your bookshelf and cut the plexiglass

Picture of Measure your bookshelf and cut the plexiglass
Measure the size of your bookshelf and do a scaled down version on a paper. Cut out white pieces of paper of the (scaled down) size you think you will cut panels to have a preview of how the work will results. If you have pictures of the fabric (I downloaded from the ikea website) you can also print a colored version of the panels to have a better preview of the final result.

I used scissors and a cutter to cut the shape on the plexiglass. This material is quite soft and cutting is definetly not an hard work (the result are quite precise and neat, as you can see in the photo)

Step 3: Cut the fabric

Picture of Cut the fabric
Use the just cutted plexiglas as a reference to cut the shape.
Remember to cut the fabric a bit bigger than the plexiglass.

Turn the exceeding fabric around the plexiglass and fix to it with same tape

Step 4: Fix the fabric to the plexiglass

Picture of Fix the fabric to the plexiglass
Once you are satisfied by your work (the fabric is correctly tensioned and oriented) you can fix it with the staples gun.

Follow all the edges and put a lot of staples (they are quite invisible) to give to your piece some durability.

Step 5: Add strenght to your panel (if needed)

Picture of Add strenght to your panel (if needed)
If your panel result a bit floppy, you can improve the rigidity attaching 2 or more wood sticks on the back of the panel. I used the silicone glue to fix the sticks to the plexiglass.

(Remember that silicone glue need at least 24 hours to do its job)

This is really great. I try to keep my bookshelves clean and chic, but I have some where the books are just overflowing and this will be perfect for them. Thank you!

derte84 (author) 5 years ago
lovely idea great Instructable
derte84 (author)  porcupinemamma5 years ago
Thanks pro!
hey schamaroochie ;0) I go to Ikea about four times a year.  If you let me know what fabric you would like, i can ship it to you.
scoochmaroo5 years ago
I crave these fabrics.  Now I have to hire a car to get all the way across the bay just to get to an IKEA!  They won't sell it online!  (yes, I checked)  Great inspiration.