Picture of High Speed Photography
With this device you’ll be able to:
take pictures from anything you can sense or detect:
- movement
- sound
- …
You don’t need to modify your camera or flash for this.
It’s compatible with the old High Voltage flashes and the new TTL ones.

Why I did this project?
A friend of me who's really passionate about photography showed me some high speed photography examples. And how expensive the equipment you need is.
I said there must be a DIY solution for that and I started tinkering.
We've done some experiments and you can see the results in the pictures below.
for more pictures from Sanne
see here

After following this instructable you'll be able to make such pictures too!!

What I would do with the zing
If I win the zing laser cutter then my lab is complete, and will I be able to go crazy.
I'll make: robots, enclosures, front panels, puzzles, build kits, moose heads, etch some cool things
I've been waiting a long time to make this instructable so I could join the zing contest and here I'm
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Step 1: Laser Trigger (Light barrier) Sensor

Picture of Laser Trigger (Light barrier) Sensor
The laser trigger exists of 2 pieces:
-the sensor (this step)
-Laser itself (next step)

See the included pictures for the circuits
You'll need:
  • a phototransistor / photodiode
  • just a resistor like 10k

Step 2: Laser driver

Picture of Laser driver
Calculate the resistor you need with the following formula
R = 1.25V / Laser Current in A

You'll need:
  • A led laser diode (ebay)
  • LM317
  • 1 x Resistor
or you can skip the driver and just use a resistor placed in series with the laser diode
Those pictures are AMAZING :O !!!!!!!!!!!!
geo bruce (author)  emilyvanleemput1 year ago

Bedankt ;)
you're welcome:)
Great ible and wow, BEAUTIFUL photos!!! That mix of colors looks like heaven to me!
geo bruce (author)  lindarose921 year ago
I'm still amazed, how good they look!
thnx for your comment
rathreya8 months ago

Amazing Pix

Just a quick question : How do you trigger the shutter release on the camera? Is it in anyway sync'd to the flash. I noticed you have a receiver with a PC cord connected to the shutter release, but was'nt sure how you were activating the receiver.

Appreciate your response, and great project once again

Usualy the technique for this pictures is by having the camera on BULB MODE and then the flash does the rest :)

goldenshuttle2 months ago

impressive work. I raise my hat.

geo bruce (author)  goldenshuttle2 months ago


erhaners415 months ago

It's perfect. Can I see project's video or pictures. Like button function, LCD screen details.

geo bruce (author)  erhaners415 months ago
no there is no video of it
You just get a "boot screen"
after that you'll get a screen with 2 variables you can adjust with the buttons
sgmchef11 months ago

Hi geo bruce,

Great images!

Your photos reminded me of these raindrops hitting my wood deck at sunset. Try capturing this type of photo as the end of rainclouds pass over you and the sun peeks through. I lived in Mons (Bergen) for six years. You'll have the opportunity!

geo bruce (author)  sgmchef10 months ago

It's nice indeed, but I maybe going for a picture like this
that's another cool effect


Hey Geo Bruce,

Sure you took the time and created an ible, drew electrical
schematics, made a laser, applied physics, and performed mathematical
calculations; but SGMChef took a picture of a raindrop.Give SGM the pat on the back she/he deserves, and see if you can rise to challenge given.

shoaib301 year ago
just incredible!!!!!=O
formidable, ... !!!
+1 Vote and favorited! Gotta try this. Thanks
geo bruce (author)  stringstretcher1 year ago
thank you!!