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Introduction: Hobby Cnc

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMCLChKNmAI  First I realy thanks to instructables and Mr:  Tom McWire the author of Easy to build desk top 3 axis CNC milling machine. i am wondering when i was see this instructables .I made this 3axis cnc machine and i have to share this hobby cnc by instructables how i make it . Hobby cnc easy can make very cheap ,all the material available in local market

Step 1: Controller

Here i use  "PRO Tom Mc Wire "circuit  to controll stepper motor .it is very cheap and easy to make. i use to make controll board common line pcb(printed circuit board),IC CD4516,CD4028, MOSFET 2N7000 ,12v 10W scooter side indicator bulb ,12v2A transformer,stepper motor (exracted from old printer) Diode 1N4007  ,zener 6V2, battery eleminator metal case ,other all components are same as circuit. solder components same as circuit , cut unwanted line (copper) from line pcb check the line using multimeter .3axis cnc machine  need three controll board. I assemble circuit board seperatly for easy to test .after assemble three controll board fix inside battery eleminator case in available space see the photograph below....

Step 2: Frame

Use to make frame as PRO Tom McWire instructables "G.I pipe" for hobby cnc its enogh for stable . GI pipe size can changable which one available in the market(1/2,' or1 inch) First fix "X" rail using "U" channel  screw parallel as shown below photograph.Fix stepper motor using small piece "E" channel ,Thread rod connected to steppermotor shaft use a small piece of rubber hose.  6'X6' ply wood piece for "X","Y" table, "Y" table also need two aluminium u channel for Y direction movement ,  for "Z" 4'X8' plywood piece screwed to frame fix U channel for up and down "Z" plate movement(fibre board)with bearing.see also       Easy-to-Build-Desk-Top-3-Axis-CNC-Milling-Machine

Step 3: Software

Run controll board using kcam (trial) from kellyware.com its free and user friendly ,set table setup and port setup ,In port setup remember PIN No14 is inverted. 25pin D sub parallelport cable connect to computer only 9 pins are used in this circuit 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,14 . X Axis(STEP pin No2, DIR pin No.3, ENABLE pinNo.4) Y Axis step5 dir 6 en 7, Z Axis step 8 dir 9 en 14

Step 4:

Now hobby cnc ready for draw 6'X6' area  ..Later i want to carve some design...
updated "Z" Axis see below images,   use cutting board(kitchen) making clamp for rotary tool holding   change stepper motor  1.8 degree 12v ,0.4A  ....for smooth moving  ...enjoy
    Thanks to...

Step 5: Bipolar Stepper Motor Controller Board

Hi friends...i made bipolar stepper motor controller board as circuit as mr:TOM MC WIRE.. Here is some picture..I replace 4 bulb with 12E 10W RESISTOR..



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    I built using PDF files from your instructable. it looks like +ve & -ve terminals have been connected using 1K resister, where are circuit says +ve & +ve terminals are connected with Zener & capacitor in parallel with 1K series resister. do i looking at the right bottom.pdf. i'm a mechanical engineer & limited knowledge of electronics, your help will be highly appreciated.

    Attached a sketch with markups.

    Thanks in advance.



    hellow snjay ..that circuit is voltage regulator.. you can replace with IC LM7805 easy
    this circuit used to regulate voltage for binary ics only ..as you shown pcb layout is mistaken.

    mraspotcnc can u pl send me the circuit for this and which software can use for this how to connect with with Rauter pl help i wand to make this i am artist actually.
    by email whitepearl.advnpub@gmail.com

    Construction of the panel, it works perfectly! I would like to ask for help Mach3 program. Kcam works, but not the Mach3. I can not configure step, dir, port, pin, enable ... etc (screenshot) Please help. Thank you! My e-mail: edison01@citromail.hu

    i use all values which you tell. but
    Bulb don`t work :-(
    can you tell me why....?

    I was thinking the other day that those builds with tubes might gain stability and precision if you'd fill the tubes with something.
    At first I thought something like concrete, but that does have a brittleness, then I thought maybe the intructables stuff made of silicone mixed with corn starch, but that might be too low mass.
    So what do you guys think? Would CNC's benefit you did that? or would the weight be bad for the joints?
    I figure that at the very least the bottom part would be heavier and so more stable if filled with cement.