Step 1: Bringing them together

Picture of Bringing them together
Step A:
Rip open the innards of the solar garden light. I know that may sound ambiguous but you'd be able to use a utility knife and surgically dissect the relevent components out (see image). Solar garden lights are easily available at your local major hardware store. If you're in Australia, try Dick Smith Powerhouse.

Step B:
Flip open the ikea jar and place the "solar garden light innards" as shown in the picture. Use blu-tack to keep it all together. Feel free to play around with the placements so the components would fit snuggly into the jar.

Step C:
Cut a strip of tracing paper and place it in the glass jar.
Use a Glass Frosting spray .

Step D:
Close the lid of the glass jar with tender care and you're done.

jpnagle595 years ago
Thank you sir for the great idea and the instruc's to do it. I made a few, and the outcome is so nice. I had a bright idea after looking at them at night, and I did one more thing to your idea. I removed the 'spike' from the solar light that I used to make this build, and attached it to the bottom of the jar which raised it off the ground. I then took the next 'spike' I had left over, and cut it to a different height. I was then able to vary the heights and produce different lay-outs and such. I liked how I made the sun jars ascend from low to high up to the front door. Thought I would share this- Thank you!!!
Any ideas on where to get glass frosting spray? I can't find anywhere. I'm in Melbourne.
found mine in the spray paint section of the hardware store. down in the corner with the "random stuff you probably don't want" section.
boxingcat6 years ago
Hi, I have some questions: what is this glass frosting spray and where can I buy it? What does it do? Seconds: On my solar light, the led -as usual- is lightening to one direction, to the bottom of the jar. I think a mini glas bulb would be better and shine to all directions.

If you want it diffused more, sand the outer surface of the LED a bit. This will help diffuse the light. :D

Here is a slightly pricier option but they have all sorts of solar items:

I like this idea but I find it a bit ecoUNfriendly. I think instead of buying a solar light and ripping out the innards buying a small solar cell would be better. Much less waste and consumption. Check out these:


I use them at the R. H. Fleet Science Center in San Diego for programs and solar projects (including our Green Day this weekend!) so they work great for small projects like solar cars and such...some even come with motors for such projects. I don't know how well they work with batteries but I think I will try it.

Over all a cool idea and maybe a great thing for camping!
dethshil8 years ago
Hey I just read...sounds like a cool idea. I just bought a can of 'snow' for decorating the windows for christmas. I wonder if spraying the inside with the 'snow' would look good instead of the paper. Maybe Ill give it a try and let everyone know.
Apparently this didn't work, and you perished.
Whizgiggle7 years ago
This sounds easy enough that even I could do it. I must give it a try. Thanks.
Wohksworth8 years ago
Very nice. The circuit on the solar light seems super simple; does anyone have a schematic that would work? Assuming appropriate solar panels are reasonably priced, of course.
Problem with that would be the charging circuit (which I hear aren't *that* hard, but..) and the low draw components, but I'm guessing, so tolerances could be better then I'd think.
I made one of these using an amber led instead of blue. I plan on making another one with the blue for a nice Sun/Moon effect.
This is awesome. I might make some of these for last minute Christmas presents.
curious.jp8 years ago
Similar lights can be purchased in Japan from "Homac", for about 630 yen. That model has it's solar panel set into a simple PCB with the light sensor - you can grind it down to fit snugly into the lid of your jar using a heavy duty file ( about another 600Y or so, from DoIt ) or Dremel.
Incidentally, the Homac type isn't as bright as cre8tors, it would seem. If your light ships with a plastic diffuser on the bulb itself, I recommend you hang onto it and reintegrate it into the final design.
cre8tor (author)  curious.jp8 years ago
Heh...I must say the LED aren't as bright as the pictures make it out to be.