Paprika BURGER Buns





Introduction: Paprika BURGER Buns

Everyone loves burgers. They are easy to make, cheap and soooo delicous.

To get the most delicous one, every ingredient has to be perfect. So lets start with these lovely BURGER BUNS.

Step 1: Ingredients

500g flour (smooth) the 00 type is used in italy. you can use other types but with this one you will get the best flavour

21g yeast

50g Butter

225g Water

125g milk



1 small Egg




Step 2: Activating the Yield

Melt the butter in a small pot. Add the water and milk and heat it up to approximately 35°C. Remove the pot from the oven and add the yeast.

Stir everything until the yeast is melted. Add a piece of sugar and wait for 10 minutes to get the yeast activated.

Step 3: Dough

Give the flour in a large bowl and add a little bit of salt.

If you want to give your buns a little bit of extra taste and colour combine the flour with a bit of paprika powder and some Italian herbs and mix it all together.

Combine the yeast mixture with the flour and use a dough mixing – machine ( get a perfect dough. You can also use your hands and knead it for at least 10 minutes. The dough should be really fluffy and a little bit wet.

Step 4: Cover and Rest

Cover the dough with something, put it to a warm place and let it rest for at least 1h.

Cut the dough into pieces of 80g each (or bigger if you want to) and form a bun..

Give each bun enough space and let is rest for 1h again.

Put your buns gently on a baking tray (make sure to leave sufficient space, because they will grow).

Step 5: Baking

Whisk the egg and use a brush to spread a little bit on the surface of your buns. Now you can add some sesame, fresh herbs, parmesan, bacon, anything you like…

Get the tray into the heated oven (220°C, hot air) and leave it for 8 – 10 minutes.

Step 6: Cool Down

We know, you are hungry. But to get the best results you have to wait a little bit again.

Sprinkle a bit of water on your buns and cover them with a towel. This will help to get them really fluffy.

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    How much salt and sugar do I need to add?

    By the way...what would be the best substitute for the flour? All purpose or bread flour? I don't really want to buy special flour the first time around...

    The flour types have various names in different countries. In the U.S. it should be called strong white, so I reccommend the bread flour: ;) It will work with the most types. But to achieve better results, it should be really smooth.(

    "500g flour (smooth) the 00 type is used in italy. you can use other types but with this one you will get the best flavour"

    These look really good! I should try making them!!

    Thank you for your comment.

    These look great. I need to make these. And very well written instructions.

    Thank you very much. I like them most with sesame on top. if you are patient, let the dough rest in a closed plastic box at a cold place and then follow with the step of cutting it into pieces.