Picture of Homemade DIY mobile projector
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Hey guyzzz i m back again with a new instructable on making a DIY mobile projector..

Things required-
    1) A rectangular box
    2) A medium size magnifying glass
    3) A mobile phone
    4) A mirror (equal to or bigger than the size of screen of mobile)
    5) Mobile stand
    6) Glue, scissor, knife, etc
    7) A white screen/surface to project on.

For better idea on how the projector works, hav a luk at the diagram...(that is the top view)

I hope that u all had understood the diagram and it wont be hard for ya'll to make it without my detailed explanations....;D

After you hav completed,  keep your mobile upside down and point the projector towards the white screen.

If you see a blurr image.....try to focus by moving the mobile forward or backward

Make sure that the box gets fully sealed......and the light should not escape from anywhere except through the magnifying glass.

For best result , project it in a dark room......the more darker be the room, the more better will be the projection...

U can make in the basic way as well...see second diagram (top view).....bt image projected will be inverted!! thats y i added mirror for projecting original image...,

kingkaushal3 months ago
are you kidding me? is this working?
varizvarz8 months ago
is this working
faizans97737 (author)  varizvarz8 months ago

Yes...it will work

Swapnil11 year ago

Plz upload a video of any projection.

DIY hacker1 year ago
thanks man i really need this.
faizans97737 (author)  DIY hacker1 year ago
thank you
kennismoles2 years ago
fanstatic work
faizans97737 (author)  kennismoles2 years ago