I love Pop Rocks! 
So a homemade variety sounded great!

This recipe makes a tart and fizzy treat...not the same as the store bought stuff...
but really fun to make with the kids! 

Step 1: Gather the supplies!

Here's what you'll need:
(makes quite a bit...might just want to 1/2 it)

2 cups sugar
1/2 cup light corn syrup
1/4 cup water

1 teaspoon flavoring extract, flavor of your choice
3-4 drops food coloring, color of your choice
1/4 cup citric acid
1 teaspoon baking soda

1 additional teaspoon of citric acid

Pinch of cornstarch, for dusting...
Lightly dust baking sheet with cornstarch.
Made this with lemon juice amd it was AMAZING
<p>hiiii, i made it and it has been almolst 5 hours and it still has not hardened even a bit.</p>
<p>You must get the mixture to 300f which is the Hard Crack stage, it hardens within minutes. Something not mentioned is when in the cooking pot, be sure to wipe down the inside of the pot with a brush wet with water. Don't get the brush in the mixture. Washing down the sides gets any sugar crystals into the boiling mix. If you don't and you get sugar crystals in the final candy it will crystallize and be ruined. </p>
I know I'm late to the party ;) but any ideas on why mine is not fizzy? Could my baking soda be too old?
<p>Would it be possible to make this with a pop flavour? For instance, orange soda, or something that already has the citric acid in it.</p>
I really want to make this but can you tell me how many millilitres are in a cup?
A little know trick to most is just use Google :-) If you Google 1 cup to ml it will tell you. The same for 22C to F Google has lots of built in calculations it can do for you.
250 <br>
I am sure that there's a conversion calculator on the internet somewhere...figure it out and try it! :)
Also, is there a neutral citric acid I can use or is bottled lemon juice okay?
yes there is, i think (dont quote me on it) unflavored vitamin C is mostly citric acid.
vitamin C is ascorbic acid, not citric acid. You can use vit C and any other acidic material. the fizz come from the reaction between baking soda (base) with acid.
Just began to make this. Looks delicious so far :)
This reminds me of the Pop Rocks 'ible I made for the candy contest a couple years ago.... Nice job
Oh, no way! I didn't even check! :) Great job to you!
Yup, I made it for the last candy contest.
If you want to be extra creative and a bit inventive. Then whilst this is still very liquid put it in a container that can be pressurised and pressurise it with C02. try and agitate it as much as possible whilst under pressure and let it cool without depressurising. The little trapped bubbles will now be at a higher than atmospheric pressure and will give you the popping in your mouth sensation.
Remember to brush your teeth after this! Citric acid is a great cavity mining tool.
I was wondering, could you substitute something like some unsweetened powdered drink mix for the flavoring extract and food coloring or would that change the recipe too much? This looks like a fun Instructable to do!
Great idea, your guess is as good as mine! Try it and let us know! :)
Sounds like this makes something similar to Fizzies instant &quot;carbonated&quot; drink tablets -- but these might be better! I'm gonna make some pdq :-) thanks for the Instructable! I voted for ya :-) www.sweetcelebrations.us #sugardome
Yummers! I would love to try to make this!

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