Picture of Homemade Water / Air hand pump

This is my first Instructable so bare with me

I looked on here for a hand pump to make but unfortunately there didn’t seem to be an Instructable for it, but lots of people asking how to make one.

What I wanted to do was to build a pump for water to make my own version of a super soaker, but I didn’t want to spend lots of money buying non-return values and the like so I thought I would build it from junk I had hanging around. It works reasonably well, I think you might buy one that pumps better but this isn’t bad for made of junk, it does the job.

Heres a link to an animation of the working pump


germeten2 years ago
Great instructable. Using PVC threaded cap and/or T-fitting would give you an even more finished pump.
n1cod3mus (author)  germeten2 years ago
it sure would, But i was making it out of crap laying around lol
codenash3 years ago
Just what I was looking for! I bet it would be great for filling water ballons too. I can never seen to get those things filled!
DconBlueZ3 years ago
Heads up, link to demo gif is dead! Thinking of making this instead of buying a kayak pump for $20.
n1cod3mus (author)  DconBlueZ3 years ago
should be fixed now
n1cod3mus (author)  DconBlueZ3 years ago
thanks for the heads up, I shut down the website with the demo on it, sorry I forgot that gif was on there.
hayme4 years ago
Now this will be a nice part for my rocket launchah!!!!! thanks :D
Very nice-  I have seen a bilge pump for a kayak that looks almost the same for sale at about $40.  Very nice DIY.
n1cod3mus (author)  shantinath10005 years ago
nice to know, i just built this out of crap i had hangging around, thanks for the compliment
lol! sometimes the most innovative creations can originate from hoarded crap. awesome instructable, keep 'em coming. :-)
pmartinez5 years ago
Nicely done, one quick question, do you think a spring can be placed so the plunger can return to the up position by itself. do you think that will make pumping easier. Thank you for the instructable very nicely done.
ToniRose5 years ago
Nicely done. Have you tried using it in reverse, as a vacuum pump? That's what I'm needing, to vacuum seal food containers.
n1cod3mus (author)  ToniRose5 years ago
actually this might be better suited, this is designed to be a vacuum pump, submitted by another member


n1cod3mus (author)  ToniRose5 years ago
yes it can be used to suck air out of something, i did it with a 2lt bottle and it completely colapsed it, but to vacum seal food you would need special bags or normal bags and a heat sealer.
McGrep5 years ago
 I like this, it's a very resourceful solution to a broken air pump. I might try it sometime, as my air pump recently broke. :)
n1cod3mus (author)  McGrep5 years ago
i used it to inflat balloons today hehe, it worked really well there no reason it wouldnt work on tyres or an air bed, it pumps air really well and at a decent pressure.