Homemade Wooden GoKart





Introduction: Homemade Wooden GoKart

This is the perfect budget gokart for people who love speed and danger. I don't think anyone sells anything like this ,so it's pretty much one of a kind. I Installed a Briggs And Stratton 5HP engine on it. It has 10" tires that have a 300lb loading weight each. We got it up to 21mph. Pretty good for a hunk of pine. I have to admit, though, it is pretty cool. Diclaimer: it is very dangerous, especially without brakes. All in all, it cost me around $185. Here's a link to a video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLILV_xiJCM. I'VE GOT A NEW VIDEO: http://youtu.be/uaHUD5VmzxM

Step 1: Frame

Essentially, it is made out of pine, which is light(ish). You want a main board stretching from front to back for support. The seat is up to you. It could be a plastic chair with the legs cut off. The engine mount should be sturdy

Step 2: Front

Next, install the wooden front axle. I used u-bolts to clamp the metal axle (the wheels are attached to it) to the wood.

Step 3: Engine

I mounted the engine to the frame.

Step 4: Rear Wheels

Next, I went to Lowe's and got a 3/4" steel rod for my axle. I inserted bearings into wood and slid the axle through. Then, I put adjustable retaining rings on the inside of each bearing to keep the axle from slipping.

Step 5: Drive System

I bought a sprocket and a Max Torque clutch and a #35 chain. The sprocket is actually bolted to the hub.

Step 6: Throttle and Steering

I just installed a simple throttle handle directly connected to the throttle. The steering handle gives you better control than your feet do.



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    This is awfully unsafe. Something of this simple of a design, made out of wood, will not last long.

    3 replies

    What do you expect it is made of wood it is ment for fun not ¨Saftey¨

    Just rebuild it.

    Safe? We don't need no stinkin' safe!
    Who cars if it doesn't last, it is cheap enpugh that if you wreck it, just re-build!
    I hva enough scrap wood to make three or four... not enough spare engines, though.
    Cool. I LIKE it!

    This looks fantastic - definitely a project for the future.

    If anyone needs a bit of a helping hand then I run a small business making Wooden Go Kart Kits. Any of these could be used as a base to add an engine to. Please feel free to have a look at our website, www.muddyknees.co.uk. We would always love to hear from you, even if you are not looking to buy a kit.

    Thank you, Wulstan

    I think this is very cool one question how long did it take to build

    I don't what language you typed that in but I'm sure I'm not the only one wondering what exactly it is you said.

    I don't know what language that is, But if you know English and have a bit of common sense, You can see that "dit is cool" sounds like "this is cool", And "maken" sounds like make.

    If I have to guess it means something like: "That looks really cool, I want to make one too"...

    at least whomever posted in their native language wasn't offensive to anyone, and no words were left out as in your brilliant remark "I don't what...." I believe the word would be "I don't KNOW what...." would have been read more accurately, had it been written accurately. No you are not the only one wondering what exactly is is that the person said. I did wonder, but looked it up, the same as you could have, instead of insulting someone with offensive remarks. What in the world would possess you to be such an ignorant fool by typing what you did? Has nothing to do with the subject, moron.


    so much for the nice comment policy...

    he said, "this is cool I'm going to make".

    Dutch... I think.

    He is from Belgium (as i do) or the Netherlands. He saids something like:
    "Wow, how cool, gonna build one my own" ;)

    working on something similar, but with a different propulsion system. how did u arrange the steering and where did the brakes make contact? the wheel or axel?

    1 reply

    There are no brakes

    How did you attach the wheels to the axle?

    Where can I buy one of those motors?

    how did u get the bearing in the wood ?

    I would like to make this, but with my electric mower's motor instead.