Introduction: Homemade Tracked Vechicle

**** UPDATE ****
Added the electronics and programmed the robot to be controlled by a custom homemade remote control.Added a short video.

You can see the remote control here

This tracked vechicle(Its actually not a robot yet so thats why i'll call it a vechicle for time being) is made using acrylic.The tracks are made using bicycle chains and M3 nylon nuts and M3 bolts.

Currently it has nothing in it except two high torque dc geared motors.

I am planning to control it with a homemade remote control using xbees,some analog joysticks,pushbuttons,etc.

So here are some selected images from the time i started making this tracked vechicle.


profpat made it!(author)2012-08-01

great idea using bicycle chain!!!

rjoosten made it!(author)2012-06-27

Hello, very cool project, i have a question what is the gear ratio of the gearbox?

razor7177 made it!(author)2012-05-18

About the chains, are they bicycle chains or roller chains...and im using brushless motors...are they better than the brushed motors you are using?

kawal24 made it!(author)2012-05-18

Those are bicycle chains.I have never used brushless motors but can say that brushless motors are too much fast so you need to add some kind of gearbox to slow it down.
Both type of motors have their own advantages.

khamed+tabet made it!(author)2012-05-17

gooood :-)

Where is the Engine Department

wfelix made it!(author)2011-11-09

It's a good job!
I agree, A step-by-step would be nice! I'm curious about the conection between motors and driver wheels.

kawal24 made it!(author)2011-11-09

Thanks !
I have uploaded a image of chassis(second image).Hope that helps you about the mounting of wheels on motors.
P.S : the final chassis has some minor changes.

wfelix made it!(author)2011-11-11

have you adapted or welded the shaft, or use the shaft "as is" from default?

kawal24 made it!(author)2011-11-11

The wheels are just screwed to the shaft.The shaft has a hole drilled in it by default.

wfelix made it!(author)2011-11-11

Thanks... It's really a good idea. I will try :D

Kiteman made it!(author)2011-11-08

You should write up a step-by-step of this (or at least use a finished image as your first image to make a decent thumbnail).

kawal24 made it!(author)2011-11-08

Oh sorry i didn't realize about the image.I have changed it.
I'll surely write a step by step someday.

umursengul made it!(author)2011-11-08

Yeah I'm with Kiteman here. You should write a step by step for this.