I've been in the mood to craft a bit. I sketched out some animals the other day and have been quickly bringing them to life via fleece and buttons.

This is "Hornz" the rhinoceros.

Check out www.instructables.com/id/Lethar-the-Sloth/ too!
And www.instructables.com/id/Tung-the-Giraffe/ !
That is amazing! I love Hornz!
These are so unique! I love the personality you have given these animals! ***** five stars
Where's the &quot;instructable&quot;?&nbsp;I'd love to know how you went about making him! :)&nbsp;<br />
<strong>&nbsp;How do I make him. I wanna make it! not watch you make him or have him pose for stupid pictures!</strong>
&nbsp;Calm down and I might tell you...
Awsome, keep it up. Love simple ideas....
Hornz is hilarious. I love it!! :-D <h1>&nbsp;</h1>
&nbsp;trogdor would burn it with his breath of fire. BURNINATOR!<br /> <br /> <br />
Trogdor ftw!<br /> <br /> burninate those peasents<br />
Oh noes, he burninates the country side!<br />
&nbsp;I love this series. I'm sure you could sell them on etsy.
Thanks!!!<br /> <br /> I've been thinking about it. It's SO HARD to part with them though :(<br /> <br /> I have more in the works... :D<br />

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