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beegirl707 years ago
Hello Bean (or is it Mr.Golem)... Just wanted to say thanks for the lable advice, I appreciate you taking the time to help me out! I think I will go the vinyl lable route for now... but I'm sure there will be a learning curve involved. Trial and error (and trial again) is the best education. Thanks again... and pop open a home brew.. you deserve it... Cheers!! beegirl
Wasagi7 years ago
Hey! I just noticed that you didn't get a welcome message from the instructables robot or Ewilhelm, and that's not cool on their part. Also, I think that an Instructable on your sock monkeys would be really cool!
BeanGolem (author)  Wasagi7 years ago
Haha. I actually got a message from the robot, but I deleted it... I've been making some other types of creatures lately, on which I plan to post an Instructable soon. All in good time. I just finished my Halloween costume tonight, so I've gotta get that I'ble up first. I have to sort through the 350 pics though...