Horseshoe Boot Rack


Introduction: Horseshoe Boot Rack

About: I am an amateur do it your selfer. I enjoy working with wood and light metal work in my spare time.

My rack holds 3 pairs of boots.

Step 1: Building the Sides

I welded the sides first using 3 shoes for each side.

Step 2: Adding Sides Together

Added rebar so the bottom of the boot could sit on. It also connects the sides together.

Step 3: Welded Top Shoes Together

Welded 6 shoes in a row. So the rack can hold 3 pairs of boots. Then welded the row on top of the sides. Only thing left to do is prime and paint.



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    add an addition shoe going up and you can put a bench on top

    what your not mentioning is how you line them up or are you just winging it? cause im making a 3 tier one that holds 9 pair and im about to throw it out into the field.

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    maybe you noticed the table I was working on. I took my square and drew a straight line on the table then lined the shoes on the line. I clamped them with a c clamp. Then went to welding. I am not the perfect welder tho sometimes I do wing it like you say. But I find it easier if you draw a line and go from there. But if you have shoes you will throw away send them in my direction.

    No I hav'nt thought about it I never entered a contest before.

    Have you thought of entering the reuse and metal contests with this?

    Good use of the shoes, I have a ton of these (yes literally a ton) from the boys farrier-ing business

    Thanks I had fun putting it together. Stay tuned more horseshoe builds coming in the future.

    One word:
    This is so cool, great idea, perfect for a ranch/barn style house.