Step 4: Prepare the Case for Assembly

Three things need to be done before assembly begins:
  • Remove any parts or packaging materials that may have been shipped inside the case (figure 6).
  • Remove the cover for the optical drive. On our case, we will be removing the cover on the highest drive bay to mount our DVD drive as shown in figure 7. Do this by pressing in the retaining tabs shown in figure 8.
  • Make note of the cables pre-installed in the case. These should be front panel connections for features such as the power switch, audio jacks and usb ports. If they are not labeled, consult the manufacturer’s documentation and label them yourself now before other parts are installed in the case (figure 8).

<p>thanks</p><p>can i use two rams in a computer at a time with different sizes</p>
<p>Yes but if those two RAM capacity has to be similar.. </p>
thes es a god tutorrial
<p>Hi thanks to this post... I want to try this out... but please indicate the brand you used in every computer parts...in order to detect what are the parts that fit together.</p><p>how to obtain that &quot;ground stuff&quot;?</p>
<p>Use PCPartPicker.com to find compatible parts.</p>
you just made me pass my Assignment in computer systems electronics
<em><strong>I Did It With Intel Core i7... Thanks</strong></em>
<p>can i chnge ram replace 1.5 GB to 2 or 4 GB RAM simply by exchange ram ?</p>
<p>how can you tell me ten steps</p>
but how can i install OS ?<br>
<p>I know this is late (3 years late infact) but if it still helps you you can use a disc if you buy a os from somewhere that sells them, and then insert it into your computer and it will ask you to choose options that you want to set for the os.</p>
<p>while it is nice to assemble the hardware, a computer isnt a computer unless it works! That means installation and testing of software is a key part of the build. Hope future builds will incorporate this.</p>
<p>Preparing a computer can be a productive experience in the life.</p><p>http://goo.gl/f9BdYL</p>
Thanks for the detailed information on <a href="http://techsonhandstore.com">computer parts and accessories</a> needed to build a computer from scratch. This is really good information and the format of the post is really well done.
Agreed (I clean mine with a simple paintbrush) <br>BTW it's facing the wrong way. the label is supposed to face outwards, which is also the way the air should flow. you wanna suck the hot air out rather than sucking more air in. It also makes less noise ;D
I'd just like to make a point here - the audio cables have both 'HD AUDIO' and 'acc '97&quot; plugs. the motherboard I'm using is *supposed* to support HD audio however it absolutely refuses to run with HD plugged in - only '97 did. T be honest, if the plugs just lead to a Mic and Headphones port (2 channell) '97 is sufficient.
Dude, what case did you use? or who made it? I bought one oh so very similar, only less bays (the top one has DVD logo stamped on it and a flap opens to revel DVD tray - emac style) the front is red and the power button glows blue.
I have found that an AMD CPU can sometimes run Hotter then Specified which will Cause Freezing and Crashing. so getting a Copper Overclocking Heat sync is always a good Idea and conductive past Also most Forms of Microsoft Systems If you are not Using RedHat which is free Require 2GB Ram or Better. so get the 500 DDR 4GB ram or Better granted they are almost $200.00 but good Ram is Worth it... Also it is a Good Idea to Buy heat syncs for your MB bridge chips
Man, that fan is DUSTY! Clean it before you install it, man.
You did not install RAM or a CPU cooler, and your case fan probably should be an exhaust, not an intake given its position.
See Step 10: Install RAM. From Step 12: &quot;Align the mounting holes by holding the fan to the mounting pad on the inside of the case as shown in figure 25. The fan needs to be mounted so that it blows air out of the case&quot;. The CPU fan is mentioned briefly when the CPU is installed. Do you think this should be a separate step to make it more clear?
It's just that you did not show the ram or cpu cooler in your final pictures, and the fan in the picture does not blow air out of the case. Adding a step for the cpu cooler would probably be a good idea.

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