Step 4: Prepare the Case for Assembly

Picture of Prepare the Case for Assembly
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Figure 8.jpg
Figure 9.jpg
Three things need to be done before assembly begins:
  • Remove any parts or packaging materials that may have been shipped inside the case (figure 6).
  • Remove the cover for the optical drive. On our case, we will be removing the cover on the highest drive bay to mount our DVD drive as shown in figure 7. Do this by pressing in the retaining tabs shown in figure 8.
  • Make note of the cables pre-installed in the case. These should be front panel connections for features such as the power switch, audio jacks and usb ports. If they are not labeled, consult the manufacturer’s documentation and label them yourself now before other parts are installed in the case (figure 8).

PardeepM26 days ago

can i chnge ram replace 1.5 GB to 2 or 4 GB RAM simply by exchange ram ?

Spannerz4 years ago
I'd just like to make a point here - the audio cables have both 'HD AUDIO' and 'acc '97" plugs. the motherboard I'm using is *supposed* to support HD audio however it absolutely refuses to run with HD plugged in - only '97 did. T be honest, if the plugs just lead to a Mic and Headphones port (2 channell) '97 is sufficient.