How to Cast an Aluminium Slingshot With Lost Foam Casting ⇔ the Art of Weapons


Introduction: How to Cast an Aluminium Slingshot With Lost Foam Casting ⇔ the Art of Weapons

today i am showing you how i made me best slingshot yet!
it took 20 hours to make but it was worth it!

bands tutorial:

forge tutorial:

i hold no responsibility for any damage or injury caused if you try to re create this weapon.
if you do make this weapon be safe and always wear glasses when using it.
always use this weapon in a safe and controlled environment where no one is in danger because of your actions!
don't be an idiot!

This is a video is promoted by a collaboration with theartofweapons and MyGunfreak`s Channel. Both channels persue the same goal and basically build similar things. If you whant to see more on the topic of the video please visit the two channels:

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    I enjoyed every second of the video. Awesome craftwork mate, I'll definitely try this casting method!

    Very impressive. I will definitely be checking out your other vids and sharing them!

    Wow - that's a really good tutorial - thanks mate!!!! - I'm definitely gonna have a go doing that one, despite it annoying the missus!!!

    Excellent 'ible!
    You did all the explaining really well and the end product is marvelous. Good job!

    "which i have been using for quiet some years"

    how old are you lol? awesome tutorial. keep it coming!

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    Excellent instructable! Great job in working with wood & aluminum. I've done a lot of metal casting but this really simplifies it. Keep up the good work!

    I really dont comment,when I should,but this instructable
    Is one of the best I've seen and your workmanship is fantastic,keep up the good I'll be trying this.

    This is quite an impressive instructable. I hadn't realized that aluminium could be melted so readily. Nice job. I am certainly going to try this. Thanks for sharing.