Introduction: How to Chain a Shiny With DexNav

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Yay a new upload! Today I will show you how to chain a shiny with DexNav. This is for ORAS only. I have AS {}Alpha Sapphire{}
Let's get started!

Step 1: Open Up Game and Find the Pokemon You Want

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The first step is easy, all you do is open up the game, and go the the route with the Pokemon that you want to chain.

Step 2: Open Up DexNav

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This step is easy too, just tap the tap with a red background and pikachu.

Step 3: Tap the Pokemon You Want to Chain

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Now to start a chain tap the Pokemon you want to chain and press search. If you can't find one keep tapping until you do. Then you want to sneak up on it and start a battle. Continue until you find a shiny!

Step 4: Tips

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This basically sums it up. Your chain will break if you encounter a Pokémon other than your Pokemon that u r chaining, if you run away from the encounter, or if the Pokémon escapes or is scared away. Also, leaving the area (Flying/Soaring away, walking onto another route, or entering a Secret Base) will also break the chain. Be sure to bring plenty of Max Repels to avoid encountering other Pokémon, as well as some Elixers/Ethers/Leppa Berries and Max Potions/Full Restores so that you do not need to leave the area in order to restore. Good luck finding Shiny Pokemon!


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