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Introduction: How to Fry an Egg

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I learned this technique from my sister many years ago.  Up until that time, I always thought you had to either splash bacon grease on them or flip them to get that perfect fried egg.  Recently I showed a friend how to do this and she was pretty impressed and uses the method ever since.  the steps are: 1.  Heat griddle/pan to desired temp.  2.  Grease pan if necessary.  3.  Break egg on frying surface, salt and pepper to taste. 4. Place pan lid with a small amount of water over the egg.  The water turns to steam and cooks the top of the egg.  5. Cook for a minute or so...depending on your desired state of "doneness".



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    oh my goodness! I have the worst time flipping eggs! I ALWAYS break the yolk!! This is absolutely PERFECT for me!

    Eggie Rice and Ketchup! A staple while growing up and while grown up!!

    Thank you and your sister for the egg saving tip!!

    I tried this today and it works perfectly :) in fact worked a little too well. i am sure it took me less time to make it like this than it does normally. I had just enough time to butter and sauce my bread and the buzzer went off saying it was done! Personally i need 2mins for my hard boiled tastes but 1-1 half mins was perfect for people who like dunkage :)

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    i actually tried this method to harden the top of an omlette via steaming (as mine always break when i flip them) but it didn't work as well. i think was the size of frying pan i used. i need to try again :)

    I like my eggs over easy and recently I have found I like a bit of chopped dried onion in it. I season the pan with some salt and pepper before I crack the egg onto it. That way the salt and pepper goes up into the egg.

    But your egg looks good too. Try some onion, just a pinch, I think it really adds to the flavor!

    Steaming the top of an egg while it is frying is called basting it. You can order your eggs at your typical short-order restaurant this way.

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    huh? To me basting was always dousing with the oil or juices you were cooking in...or butter as in basting a turkey....all semantics for sure, but here's a definition:–verb (used with object) 1. to moisten (meat or other food) while cooking, with drippings, butter, etc.

    A quick Google tells me people use it to mean eggs prepared either steamed with water OR with the fat or oil ladled over it. But in every restaurant where I've worked, it meant steaming it. It may be a regionalism in the Midwest for basting an egg to automatically mean steaming.

    Heat the skillet then use butter or oil, salt the pan, drop the egg from about 12 inches into the pan and the egg will crack perfectly with no shell in the egg. Put on the lid (or an upside down pan works great too) put one teaspoon of water on the lid, it'll find it's way into the pan, cook for 2 minutes. DONE.

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    I had never seen this method before, tried it this morning and it works brilliantly.  I used to use the 'lots of oil and spoon it over' method, but this is much easier and with much less oil.  Great idea!

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    That egg looks delicious!! I've used this method for years...minus the water part. I just put a cover over the eggs, and the top cooks, but my eggs have never looked that awesome. I'm trying the water method! Thanks C-man!

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    Just when you thought you knew everything, along comes something you never knew! Here again simple and creative wins!! Thanks for the tip!

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    I cook an egg using this method (also in my favorite cast iron skillet) nearly every day. Best way to do it. Hats off to you.