Picture of How To Grow Your Own Epic Dwarf Beard In One Evening!

1 crochet hook, 2.75 mm

at least 375 yards of 5mm medium weight acrylic yarn in colors approximating hair, preferably in multiple similar colors

1 sheet of plastic canvas, at least 10.5"x 13.5", grade 7 mesh



~18 inches of slender elastic (a cut-open elastic hair wrap works great)

Time: 3-4 hours

Step 1: Yarn and Plastic Canvas

Picture of Yarn and Plastic Canvas
I used acrylic because wool is too itchy. You want to have at least 375 yards in total but I'd recommend buying a couple smaller rolls, and mixing 2 or more similar colors, even different dye batches of the same color. Beards have varying colors so it adds texture and depth to use a  variety of similar shades.

Underneath the label is a leftover strip of the plastic canvas the beard substrate is made of.

I picked brown so it wouldn't stand out much from under the yarn but it comes in other colors too. It cost about $.50 for a sheet and you only need one per beard. Using this stuff saves you the trouble of needing to learn to knit.

It's also sturdy enough to be a solid base, but still easy to cut with scissors.
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Is it comfortable? I'm wondering if this would work with a more flexible substrate like latch hook canvas. Just for more comfort.
Lux Mirabilis (author)  artcompelled2 years ago
Went back to the store and compared the two, latch hook canvas is way scratchy compared to the plastic canvas.
Lux Mirabilis (author)  artcompelled2 years ago
Oh and stray yarn fibers up the nose is probably the least comfortable thing about this beard but a little bit of hairspray and smoothing fixed it.
Lux Mirabilis (author)  artcompelled2 years ago
I've thought it was pretty comfortable. It's smooth plastic that just happens to breathe. I haven't played around with other substrate materials yet because I've had good luck with the plastic canvas. It's stiff but flexible, and not itchy. The yarn pretty much covers all the rough edges and I felt the plastic would keep its shape better against the weight of the yarn. If you have the opportunity, you might want to press each type of material against your cheek to see if it's a sensation you would be willing to tolerate on your face.
jrahier made it!2 months ago
like the layout i will be making another one a little longer
JulieR44 months ago

I have to ask what brand of yarn you used, because the colors are great, and it doesn't look like like acrylic!

MadreenRua made it!5 months ago

Kind of a really late "I made it!" but... Friends and I went to a convention as dwarves-in-barrels in Nov. 2013. They were a big hit. The beards got scratchy after a few hours, but I don't imagine most people will wear them for as long. We also tried to wear them again in July 2014, but it was way too hot. They were easy to make, and worked very well for us. Thanks for this Instructable!


Maybe this is because I've never done crafts of any kind... but how does the yarn attach? Is it super simple and once I get the supplies I'll get it?


Thank you soooooo much for your great tutorial!!! This is really awesome!!! I was the greatest Dwarf in the cinema for the last "Hobbit" with my beard (...cause the only one ;) and so proud!!!

Big greetings from Germany!!! Barbara

linrodann10 months ago

I had trouble with the elastic sliding down the back of my head, and the beard hence falling around my neck, because I neglected to leave tabs higher up (hard to describe). Solution - secure the elastic to my hair with hair clips. :) I used flat braided elastic.

Thank you for the great instructable - I'll post a photo of my beard when I have my full costume done! :)

My Sexy Dwarf costume, which I debuted last night at a party and got loads of compliments on the beard. I braided some beads into it. Thanks again for the great instructable!

wdvan510 months ago

So Cool! What are the measurements of the cut piece of plastic canvas that you attach the yarn to?

Your fantastic idea, congratulations ... I have a question: do you use for braids largest wire that the rest of the beard or the same size?

oobit1 year ago
I'm a viking ! (I also make a «back», hairs)
Thanks for the instructions !

You have a glorious beard!! And I can almost hear your teeth shine. I'm making a beard for my boyfriend right now!

I used your instructions as the basis for outfitting the cast of The Hobbit at my daughter's middle school! After wearing them for hours under the lights, some of the kids were getting irritated skin, but sewing on a thin lining to cover problem spots seemed to do the trick. I also made one without the moustache, which worked out just fine. The 14 beards held up remarkably well under really tough use!

photo (16).JPG
DarkHatter1 year ago

Haha, this is awesome!

numnut1 year ago
Can you do this with a latch hook?
Lux Mirabilis (author)  numnut1 year ago
Not really, it would be too big for the plastic grid
MHGDK2 years ago
Thank you very much for the instruction. Great work.
I was able to make both a beard and a wig for a "Dwarf" character with a little ingenuity and a lot of work :)
Not much of a "knitting" type myself, so your approach was great.
Thanks to much for this! Your beard tutorial is the BEST yet. And here I was thinking about knitting a beard...no thanks! This was a lot faster and looks wicked! I didn't make it quite as long as your's and I have a few things I would do differently the next time I make one, but overall, I am very pleased!
my beardness.jpg
Delireus2 years ago
Great instructable! I just finished this for a friend's birthday. This beard also won me tickets to my local Renaissance festival, they had a beard contest and I was a runner up! (Don't mind the shoe, it was a requirement for the contest)

Anyways, thanks again for the how-to, it was really easy to make and cheap too!
zselter2 years ago
maybe I'm just being willfully ignorant, but I'm having trouble visualizing how the top rows are done. are they really just pulled through and looped over, they're not tied down in any way? because mine seem too loose to safely leave hanging there.
Batness2 years ago
Pretty awesome! I'm trying to help a friend with this and have a question about the yarn; where did you find acrylic that is "rolled" not "braided" looking? Maybe you could mention the brand/colors you used? Thanks!
Lux Mirabilis (author) 2 years ago
There's a beard-centric thread over on Craftster about this Instructable with a few more user submitted pics of their results. Fine work!

Very awesome! Love the braids!
You should enter this into the Holiday Gifts Contest!
JHawkInc2 years ago
Made mine over the course of three nights, but worked on it while watching TV and doing other things that partly occupied my time (possibly including playing D&D over the interwebs; and yes, I am the party dwarf). Spent maybe $12, managed to trim the canvas in a way that will let me make a second beard. Did some things different, equal amounts intentional and by accident. My beard isn't quite as long, I tweaked and adjusted some placements of yarn, and created two long braids that extend past the rest of the beard.

All in all, great Instructable, very easy to do, with a ridiculous amount of room for customization, and fairly cost effective. Seriously, this is something I could see having its own booth at fantasy/sci-fi/gaming conventions (or even having its own "how-to" event where you teach people how to make them).
Also, pictures. More to come. http://imgur.com/a/DRDmF/all
Lux Mirabilis (author)  JHawkInc2 years ago
It's glorious! Thanks for posting pics of your results. I was not able to get a good shot of my newfound magical power ability. I also discovered that a mysterious Scottish accent manifested while I was wearing it.
That's a really cool look for those of you who don't already have epic beards!
Exscaly2 years ago
Wow. The entire costume that you've set up for it is amazing - the beard is obviously the best. By Durin's Beard, that is rather splendid. Congratulations.
clewis212 years ago
lol! Very cool!
LobosSolos2 years ago
Hmm, is that Mjollnir that you have there?
K-Dub2 years ago
I don't personally need a dwarf beard, but I'm marking this as a favorite anyway because you did such an outstanding job making yours. Very well done!
Lux Mirabilis (author)  K-Dub2 years ago
Thanks a bunch! I appreciate it a lot.
tjonsf2 years ago
This is super, Wow. ;-)
evchim2 years ago
You > Awesome! I'm doing this ASAP!!!
BeoWulfe2 years ago
This is awesome. And YOU look fabulous!!
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