Introduction: How to Make a Boutique Style Diaper Cake

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Diaper cakes make beautiful baby shower gifts or centerpieces. These are instructions on how to make the beautiful spiral shaped diaper cakes for baby showers. They do not use any adhesives or elastic bands inside the cakes and are very easy to make.


Supplies Needed To Make Diaper Cake:

All ingredients can be found at Craft Stores such as Hobby Lobby, AC Moore or Wal-Mart

Diapers Of Your Choice (25-30 diapers per tier)
Cake Pans In The Same Size As Cake Tiers
Standard Sizes For Tiers Are 12", 10", 8"
3 Large Rubber Bands
Cardboard Cake Tray (12")
Ribbon (4 yards for 3 tier cake)
Tulle Or Cellophane (3 yards)

Step 1: Place Diapers in Sturdy Cake Pan

Picture of Place Diapers in Sturdy Cake Pan

Use a sturdy cake pan in the size you want and place a handful of diapers inside.

Step 2: Fan the Diapers

Picture of Fan the Diapers

Fan the diapers against the side of the cake pan holding them securely with your hand.

Step 3: Continue Adding Diapers

Picture of Continue Adding Diapers

Keep adding more diapers until you fill the pan.

Step 4: Add Rubberband to Secuare Tier

Picture of Add Rubberband to Secuare Tier

Slide a larger rubberband carefully around the entire tier.

Step 5: Fill the Middle

Picture of Fill the Middle

Either save a hole in the middle for hidden baby gifts (you can roll up a cute baby gift or soft blanket and insert it down the middle of the finished cake) or you can fold and roll a couple of diapers to keep the middle solid.

Step 6: Flip Pan Over

Picture of Flip Pan Over

Flip the entire cake pan over and lift the pan off so you are left with a tier of diapers.

Step 7: Repeat With Each Tier

Picture of Repeat With Each Tier

Repeat the process for each diaper cake tier. Use different size cake pans for a beautiful diaper cake.

Step 8: Tie a Ribbon Around Each Tier

Picture of Tie a Ribbon Around Each Tier

Tie ribbon around each tier and remove the rubberband by cutting it off after the ribbon is securely tied.

Step 9: Wrap Cake in Tulle or Cellophane

Picture of Wrap Cake in Tulle or Cellophane

Wrap cake with cellophane or tulle to keep clean and give a beautiful presentation.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions...

Step 10: 101 Things to Do With a Diaper Cake

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Awiggins made it! (author)2017-07-28

Thanks to this tutorial years ago I started making these. I'm not a fan of the rolled diaper one, so this one was perfect for me.

sharon Richards (author)2016-10-11

thank you for making this site free to us crafter who want to learn, your cakes are beautiful

DiaperCakeBecca (author)2008-09-25

I like the scalloped look, too.....but always feel it looks better without curling ribbon. Grosgrain and satin are nice. You want the diapers to be visable....not hidden underneath all that ribbon!

As far as the hole in the middle of a diaper cake....the bottom tier should be packed TIGHT with diapers to make the entire cake stable. Thread a receiving blanket through the hole of the top tiers (but it should still be tight with diapers) and have a bear or other plush animal hug it up on top (diaper pins help with making the animal hug the blanket!)

I am a professional diaper cake maker.....and the red and yellow cake that was posted looks VERY nice.

-Diaper Cakes by Becca


here is a site you will like she makes lot of diaper cakes and I love her bootie cake it's Thoms crafts and good luck

I wanted to know how do you hold the spiral boutique diaper cake together once you have completed all three tiers.

You can use many things in the middle to hold the layers together. The simplest thing to me is any empty paper towel roll. I put rolled up diapers inside it to re-enforce it. You can also use a baby bottle or bottles of soap, lotion, or powder. OR like others have said you can put a blanket thru the middle of the layers.

sharon Richards (author)2016-10-11

this is were I run into a problem I can never get the diapers to look right

shangrilarcadia (author)2008-04-16

I've made two diaper cakes with the "individually rolled" method (actually I took pics and have been meaning to post an instructable). But this method looks easier so I will try it for my next one, and in the hole that is left in the middle, I would put something that goes through all three layers to hold them together, for instance a baby car sun-shade. Also, I would decorate the outside with cute little baby goods.

guys, any idea how i can make a cake out of sanitary pads, I want to make a mommy to be a cake like this made of maternity pads, regular pads and disposable underwear and put all the stuff a newly mom would need when she goes to the hospital to give birth like Personal Hygiene items a such as Lip Balm, Socks for mom, nursing pads, tooth brush, tooth paste,deodorant, a brush and comb, and a hair band or barrettes, . Please help, !!!

teresas1220 (author)shemillice2015-10-22

Cute idea! That would be the mommy cake!

jenny78 (author)shangrilarcadia2012-02-08

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crochetjuju (author)2009-07-20


mamma lubba (author)crochetjuju2014-05-19

follow the instructions to make the layers the use 2 cake plates and 4 columns to separate the tiers.( cake plates can be bought at Michaels or any where that sells cake decorating supplies)

indred (author)2014-05-19

This is really nice tutorial. I make professional diaper cakes myself. You can see my work at

alldiapercakes (author)2014-01-19

Thanks for the tutorial! I am also a professional diaper cake maker and use mailing tubes glued down to the cake base for a sturdy construction. This will withstand the cake is you need to ship. A nice finished look instead of using glue for adhering the ribbon is to tie the ribbon in the back.


JennyWatson (author)2013-01-26

Whatever may be the thing regardless I can say that this is one of the best theme for a baby shower program. The boutique concept is a natural and good concept. Hope the party would have been great. Baby Shower party is one of the best memorable moments for the mother-to-be and also for the family. These themes will also be required in the future for any Baby Shower program.

susanchen2011 (author)2012-08-09

so creative, so nice.

ohdacute (author)2012-06-17

awww, i wish a saw these free instructions earlier...i actually bought a video lol! if you spread out the diapers a little bit more, you'll use less. i only use 70 diapers for a 4-tier cake. costco sells the big bix with 210 inside, so you can make THREE cakes!

abby1983 (author)2012-05-22

Your diaper cake is absolutely gorgeous. Its not exactly a 5 tiered diaper cake, its a 6 tiered diaper cake! Only one of the tiers is lifted without diapers. Do you have instruction on how to make a diaper cake like this? Thanks

kurrie75 (author)2008-05-01

THANK YOU SO MUCH! these instructions were great and helped me make a great cake for my friend. I think this method is much nicer looking than the individual rolled look and it saved me a ton of dough on buying one! I am sure I will be making tons of these in the future! Check out my pic!

abby1983 (author)kurrie752012-05-19

Thats a really really cute diaper cake! Making a diaper cake this way is easier than rolling diapers. When I first started rolling diapers, it would take   a pretty long time. Since once your roll each diaper, you have to place it around the cake.

I started making diaper cakes with your method and you can view them on my site.

GorillazMiko (author)2008-02-27

Do you actually eat it?

By the way, really nice job.

Thats funny you should say that and it doesn't matter if your joking or not because every girl I met knows exactly what a diaper cake is. Whenever I mention diaper cakes to a guy, they look clueless. It has to be a gender thing!

gingerdazy (author)2012-03-23

Thank you soooo much for posting this. The instructions were very easy to follow. It used to take me forever to make a diaper cake. You have saved me a ton of time. And I think this version looks prettier too. Thanks again!

lovecakes (author)2011-07-31

Here's my question, how do you keep all the tiers together, using this method? I see that you can put something in each individual tier. But, how do you keep the cake together if each tier is separate?

skamps1 (author)lovecakes2011-08-08

I was browsing myself and came across the website. The layers just sit on top of each other usually. Secure each layer with the ribbon bow, or make it flat by hot gluing the ends of the ribbon. Shelley

You can use many things in the middle to hold the layers together. The simplest thing to me is any empty paper towel roll. I put rolled up diapers inside it to re-enforce it. You can also use a baby bottle or bottles of soap, lotion, or powder. OR like others have said you can put a blanket thru the middle of the layers. You can also use a doll rod. Hope this helps.

You can use many things in the middle to hold the layers together. The simplest thing to me is any empty paper towel roll. I put rolled up diapers inside it to re-enforce it. You can also use a baby bottle or bottles of soap, lotion, or powder. OR like others have said you can put a blanket thru the middle of the layers. You can also use a doll rod. Hope this helps.

suzannenedovich (author)2010-08-24

This is absolutely adorable! I don't have a single crafty bone in my body so I ordered one from They were so inexpensive and absolutely adorable!

Me either! I got a wonderful customized cake from and it was awesome! I couldn't be happier!

superMacaroni (author)2010-06-17


makeadiapercake (author)2010-05-24

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billien (author)2008-02-28

diapers as food!!, it sort of makes me feel all yucky. Someone made mini diapers to hold party favours, peanuts was his choice of filling. Some one else made a heat pack out of a unused diaper, I pity the person who finds the forgotten diaper heat pack in the work microwave, I just can,to get past the fact that they are used for holding poop :) By the way very creative way to package a present. I wonder if the concept of the diaper cake start off as a piece of modern art. One other piece of useless information; we call a diaper a nappy where I come from,disposable nappies are what we call the ones you use in your cake. I have heard that nappy it is a racist term in some places

SewSassy1 (author)billien2010-03-21

Nappy is a description of a hair texture.  Some consider Nappy a compliment, others try to make people with Nappy hair feel inferior, I am like really it's only hair! Nappy is natural. In the USA there are also 2 meanings that I know of for the word nap.   I love this instructable for someone that is reluctant to make a gift like this because of all of the diaper rolling.

JRob (author)2008-03-17

Thank you so much for posting this to the web. I really like this technique better than the individually rolled diapers. I think it looks much nicer and I would imagine the rolled diapers are a pain for the mother receiving the gift. I noticed that someone is trying to make a profit by selling a video online for $14.95 and I also noticed that people who have bought it have been asked not to tell others how it's done but to recommend buying the video. Right now, the economy is tight and so is my family. So I searched high and low for these instructions and so far you are the only one who has shown others how to do this for free. For me this is a blessing! Thanks so much for sharing it with me!!!!

SewSassy1 (author)JRob2010-03-21

This the technique I use.  It a softer look, the diapers don't have to be handled as much and I actually use less diapers for the whole cake.

kholleyman (author)2010-01-18

Just got done doing my "cake".  Thanks for the instructions.  It helped on some areas that I was having difficulties!

Sele1981 (author)2009-10-24

Very nice article! Thank you for sharing it!

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crochetjuju (author)2009-07-22

does anyone know how many diapers to start out with on the cake that has 6 layers and the dowel in between the three layers. it is the cake picture that says io1 things to do with a cake thank you

poohmama (author)2008-08-13

OMG!!!! How do you make this BEAUTIFUL cake? Thanks

bakemeacake (author)poohmama2008-08-14

This is a "rolled diaper cake." You just roll each diaper up and secure with a rubberband. Then use the diapers as "building blocks." Put a large ribbon around each tier to keep diapers together. Use real cake pillars and trays from a craft store. You can not move this have to set it up where you want it to stay. : ) Feel free to visit my diaper cake blog at

crochetjuju (author)bakemeacake2009-07-20

do you know where i could get the instructions for the big 6 layer diaper cake on thi site. please e-mail to

poohmama (author)bakemeacake2008-08-15

I want to attempt to make this beautiful work of art. Can you tell me what size diapers, how many per layer, does the brand of diaper make a difference? What size cake pillars? Do you have a more clear picture that I could look at. I want it to be just like your piece of art. I am so excited, I can't wait to get started. Thank you , thank you, thank you!

bakemeacake (author)poohmama2008-08-18

Hi, please email

diapercakes (author)2009-03-04 had a major problem last week when I was trying to find a gift for my sisters baby shower. I searched the net and I found a few beauitful diaper cakes, but they were to much money. So I searched the internet to find a way to make it myself. After a few hours I found a really easy step by step video on how to make a diaper cake. Not only was easy to make because of the video, but it only took me 30 min to make

I found this video on how to make a diaper cake in less than 30 min

sugarmama (author)2009-02-20

Thank you so much. I too have seen the site where the video is being sold. I will be attempting to make this some time soon. Wonderful illustrations.

nescobar (author)2009-01-30

God bless you, really I had days looking for instructions, and you even include pics. Will be trying it soon. Thank you sooo much.

babyc8kesdesigns09 (author)2009-01-05

I absolutely Luv u'r work...I as well make Diaper Cakes I have a Myspace site for my c8kes & wreaths & stuff that I make... I checked all u'r out & I just wanted to say Great Work they are amazing & I think they are so much more better then mine(: Keep up the great work... Happy Holidays (: Sincerely, BabyC8kes Designs

LMom (author)2008-11-06

Thank you so much for the no charge information. I have been searching for directions to make the diaper cake and not rolling each diaper. I too was sent many times over to the buy the video site. Thank you for sharing. It is so appreciated. Many Blessings Mom of three daughters

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