Introduction: How to Make a Drawknife

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here are the tools you will need to make this plus a grinder, blow torch, pliers and safety goggles

this is my first inscrutable so anyway to make it better would be appreciated

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Step 1: Find Metal and Cut to Size

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find a strip of metal you have and cut to size then mark out the blade area and handle tangs then using the saw cut out the tangs and file down the edges

Step 2: Heat the Tangs

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Heat and bend the tangs to you're desired angle

Step 3: Find and Cut Wood for Handles

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Find and Cut wood to length of you're tangs and then drill a hole slightly bigger than the tangs in the top 1/8th inch

of the handle then drill the rest with a slightly smaller bit then hammer the handles onto the tang

Step 4: Sharpen Then Polish the Blade

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using you're grinder (mine is a precision grinder for sewing scissors and knives) at 45 degrees grind the edge on the blade the end facing the same way as the handles so it cuts when pulled towards you


craftclarity (author)2014-06-13

This is a tool you don't see in use much these days, it's super cool that you built one!!

well i need one im going to get into old age working this summer im gonna start making enlish longbows with tools i make the next intractable im gonna make an axe from stone till i get my forge built and im gonna make a traditional dugout canoe so if this is the type of thing you like come back latter this week

Divisible_By_0 (author)2014-12-10

I feel this was poorly done and i wish to be making a better instrucable soon

Divisible_By_0 (author)2014-06-25

I dont know why its not linking the other links

PS118 (author)2014-06-18

What did you use for metal? (How thick, etc.)

Divisible_By_0 (author)PS1182014-06-25

im not relay sure it was one i found laying around and happened to be long enough i think its mild steel about 5-7mm thick

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