How To Make A Hit Girl Halloween Costume For Your Dog

Picture of How To Make A Hit Girl Halloween Costume For Your Dog
Loved Hit Girl in the Kick Ass movie and thought that it would make a fun dog costume. This costume isn't hard to make BUT it takes time to make. I spent about 2 1/2 hours on this one.

A little safety note! When your dog is wearing a costume, it MUST be supervised. Accidents can happen!

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Step 1: Tools & Supplies

Picture of Tools & Supplies
You will need; A purple tartan kids skirt, a purple wig, pink webbing, a meter of stretchy black sports fabric, scissors, needle & thread, pins, a china marker, a marking pen, a length of elastic, velcro, black vet wrap, a measuring tape and a sewing machine.

The total cost for the materials was $15. I got the skirt at a second hand shop and bought the fabric out of the remainders bin. The black fabric for the mask and cape should be stretchy sports fabric. You don’t have to do any hemming and the fabric has a little “give” to it for doggie comfort. You can buy vet wrap at any horse tack shop and some pet stores.

Step 2: MASK - The Muzzle Dart

Picture of MASK - The Muzzle Dart
Place the fabric over your dog’s face and pinch a small amount of fabric to for it to the muzzle. With a china marker, make a triangular mark on the gathering. Then pin the dart together, with the sharp point AWAY from your dog’s face.

Step 3: MASK - Eye Holes

Picture of MASK - Eye Holes
Holding the fabric to your dog’s face, place a finger in the general eye area. Lift the fabric off of your dog, transfer to the table and mark eye holes. Cut generous sized holes.

Step 4: MASK - Ear Holes

Picture of MASK - Ear Holes
Place the mask on your dog’s face and mark out where the ears are. Cut generous sized holes

Step 5: MASK - Shaping & Trimming

Picture of MASK - Shaping & Trimming
Put the mask back on and mark the jaw line and the back of the head. Take the mask off and connect the marks to shape the mask
depotdevoid4 years ago
Nice costume, your dog is very patient!
Doggie Stylish (author)  depotdevoid4 years ago
thanks! this was probably the most complicated dog costume I have made.
I can see why...
acidbass4 years ago
poor dog (great ible) but he/she must be very bored
What a well-trained dog! Mine would NEVER hold still this long.
It's SuperPup!! Such a sweet face and the look she's giving you is hilarious!!
Mooommmm!!! Not again!!!
canida4 years ago
Wow, that's an awesome costume!
Pretty dog, and patient too. Love it.
mg0930mg4 years ago
I would rather see the costume from the comics, because to me they were all so much better. However, you did a fantastic job.