Make a Huge, Epic Knife "The Dolphin Blade" for Only $8 (Small Sword)





Introduction: Make a Huge, Epic Knife "The Dolphin Blade" for Only $8 (Small Sword)

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Here's a tutorial on how to make a pretty easy, yet awesome usable blade for only around $8.
This knife is great for cutting plastic bottles, tins and fruit, but can prove a bit awkward for kitchen use.

This weapon would also be great for the zombie apocalypse :)

Thanks for checking out my instructable. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Enjoy your deadly weapon :)

Index -
Step 1 - Tools
Step 2 - Materials
Step 3 - Shaping The Blade/Knife
Step 4 - Engraving The Blade/Knife
Step 5 - Making a Handle
Step 6 - Assembly and Sharpening
Step 7 - Usage (and a bit of Safety)

First - - -
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Step 1: Tools

Here Is a labelled Picture of what Tools I would recommend to use for this project. 

Step 2: Materials

For the blade I would recommend Stainless Steel, because of its strength and ability to not rust. Or you can just use Alloy, its a lot easier to find, cheaper and easier to fashion but doesn't stay as sharp. 
The wood for the handle it just any hard wood that will be durable, like Oak or Meranti.

Step 3: Shaping the Blade/Knife

Draw on the alloy or stainless  your design for the blade. I would recommend not having the sharpened parts or spikes on the top so you can hold it, and manoeuvre it easily without slicing your arm. There is a sketch (in the pics) of the shape of my blade, I would recommend a simular design.

Cut the design out with a hacksaw, keeping about 2mm away from the lines. File the sides down to the lines which will make the curved edges smoother. Drill a hole or two in the handle connector.

After filing all the edges, sharpen the desired sides with a file until you almost have a point. Use a needle nosed file, fine sand paper or knife sharpener to do the rest. Finish off with some fine emery paper to give the blade a professional, smooth look (if you want a serrated edge, after sharpening just go lightly over the edge with a medium file which with slightly bend the blade to give a effective serrated effect)

Step 4: Engraving the Blade/Knife

To engrave metal, you'll need a metal engraver, Dremel, or sharp blade, I used a Dremel. 
First design a pattern that you like, sketch it on to the metal with a pencil, then engrave it in. (there's really not to much to it)
If you prefer not to engrave it you can also paint it black, for a tactical look or just polish it.
If you are using a dremel or something like that I would highly recommend a light extension, because the dremel seems to pull a bit.  

Step 5: Making a Handle

Next design the Handle, add a wider or diverging top, so it doesn't slip from your hand.
Cut it out with a hacksaw, file it and sand it until its smooth. By oiling or varnishing the handle you can make it look nicer and waterproof it. If you engrave something on it, make it horizontal to the handle for maximum grip.
Next you'll need to use a hacksaw with a wider blade or a saw, to cut a slit in the bottom of the handle to connect to the blade.
drill a hole in the bottom that lines up with the hole on the blade.

Step 6: Assembly and Sharpening

The last part is connecting the handle and sharpening!

Just use a nut and bolt or a wooden pin if you want it to look nicer, to attach the handle.

For a dangerously sharp blade use a diamond incrusted stone to sharpen it, then strop the blade with leather. 
The blade will be able to cut though fruit, bottles, and many other objects. 

Almost finished!

Step 7: Usage (and a Bit of Safety)

Firstly - Thanks again for checking out my instuctable, If you have any questions feel free to ask. Enjoy your deadly weapon :)

This knife is great for cutting plastic bottles, tins, fruit and other objects, I also found that its not too bad for throwing into wood. 

This weapon is rather deadly, it should not be misused. Your safety is your concern. Cheers



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    "It slices! It dices! It even makes julienne zombies!" LOL. I love your blade. For the upcoming zombie apocalypse, I would suggest making a matching one for your other hand. 'Double the pleasure! Double the fun!" Thanks for the 'ible. I may have to try this.

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    WOWWWW! So awesome! I made a knife (not based on this tutorial) out of a piece of thin scrap metal I found on the ground, then made a handle out of erector set pieces and sharpened it with sandpaper, stone, and a hacksaw.

    Wow thats an awesome knife. Great topic starter too! I can just see it hanging on the wall. Well done.

    Lol I dot think this would slice through a skull

    this is AWESOME!


    4 years ago

    Woah cool

    Woah cool

    Holy crap that's wicked


    4 years ago

    I wouldn't want a zombie that close to me

    Thats sick

    Oy vey Holy cow Oh my god Wow

    That knife makes cutting foods fun

    Great work man. I didn't think that you made it from scratch. Impressive.