Introduction: How to Make a Laser Assisted Blowgun

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Here's how to make a laser guided blowgun for under $3. It’s powerful enough to break glass, and even blast darts into concrete.

In this project we’re making a custom laser sighted blowgun, that not only looks cool, but adds another dimension to the fun you can have, in the backyard.

Step 1: Watch the Video!

WARNING: Blow guns should not be pointed at people, animals, or any living thing. Projectiles shot at high velocity may cause deep wounds leading to infection, and/or may cause loss of vision if hit in the eye. They can also break glass and cause damage to property. This project should only be attempted with adequate knowledge, training, and adult supervision. Use caution and common sense. Use of this video content is at your own risk.

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Step 2: Paper Darts

Picture of Paper Darts

Start this project with a roll of scotch tape, a stack of sticky notes, and a paper party hat.

Using small 2x2 squares, wrap one carefully around the tip of the hat. The cone shape acts as a forming guide for making a pointy paper dart.

You'll need a little bit of tape to reinforce the tip and hold it altogether, so when it slides off, it’ll still keep its conical shape.

If you push the tip into a 1/2” PVC tube and give it a little twist. You can see the pressure leaves a little mark right where it starts getting too big for the tube.

Carefully trim along the inside edge of the marking, and just like that, you've made a mini paper dart that’ll fit perfectly inside the blowgun barrel.

Step 3: Weighting the Tips

Picture of Weighting the Tips

It’s not quite ready to use yet. You still need to add some weight to the tips so they’ll fly straight.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to do that, is to squirt a little hot glue inside the cones until they’re about 1/3rd of the way full.

If you don’t have hot glue, try pulling off a little piece of poster putty instead, and shove it down into the tip with something like a screwdriver. That’ll work just as good.

Alright, you've got some paper darts. All you need now is a blowgun, so get to work on making that next.

Step 4: The Simple Blowgun

Picture of The Simple Blowgun

At the hardware store you can pick up a 2 foot length of 1/2” PVC pipe, and a reducing adapter. The female adapter is 3/4” on one side, and reduces to a 1/2” slip connector on the other.

If you simply push the adapter onto the tube and give it a little tap, you've just created a super simple blowgun that can be used right away.

You can see the weighted darts fly amazingly straight, and will take out paper cups with an impressive amount of power. They’re just strong enough to do a little damage, but still safe enough to shoot around the house. Not that you should. But you could.

Step 5: Camo Wrap

Picture of Camo Wrap

Alright, let’s take this system to a whole new level with a roll of duct tape, and some wire nails. I got my roll of camouflage tape from the hardware store.

You’ll need to start by putting a long strip on the table with the sticky side facing up.

If you carefully set the pipe lengthwise in the center of the tape, then gently rock it from side to side, the tape will start to wrap itself around the tube.

Doing the same thing with a second piece of tape will cover any gaps, and just like that, your blowgun’s got a custom camo wrap.

Now just add some electrical tape around the tip of the barrel and around the mouthpiece, to cover the rough edges and make it look a little nicer. At this point, you can see our blowgun is starting to look pretty serious, so get busy making some rounds of ammunition that are a little more serious as well.

Step 6: Nail Darts

Picture of Nail Darts

I tried using #16 and #18 wire nails. They’re relatively lightweight, and have a nice flat head on the top.

When the nail gets pushed through an empty paper cone, it instantly transforms into a high speed nail dart.

They work fine just like this, but to make them a little more durable, try adding a dab of hot glue on the inside of the cones, then pulling down on the nail until the head catches firmly at the bottom.

They’ll need about 2 minutes for the glue to cool and harden.

Step 7: Glass Breakers

Picture of Glass Breakers

A stack of colored sticky notes will make different colored darts, and just for fun you can snip the tips off and drive small screws deep into the glue. I call those ones my glass breakers, because they do just that!

If you want to experiment with different types of darts, you can really use any length of nail you want. Smaller darts will be easier to shoot, and fly faster, while heaver darts will penetrate deeper and do more damage.

Now that you've got some good ammunition, you’re going to need a way to store it.

Step 8: Makeshift Quivers

Picture of Makeshift Quivers

You can get a 6” length of 1/2” foam pipe insulation for a little over a dollar, and cut little donut shapes off the end, about 3/4” thick.

Use some electrical tape to reinforce the outside of the disc, then just for looks, use a black marker to color the foam a little bit darker.

The next step is to make another foam disc the exact same way, then slide both of them onto the barrel of the blowgun.

To modify the quiver, so it’ll carry 8 rounds of ammunition, heat a phillips head screwdriver carefully over a flame for about 20 seconds.

That get’s it just hot enough to burn little holes into the foam on contact.

Note: Only burn holes in the top disc because you’re going to want the bottom one left intact.

The 8 holes you made space the darts evenly, and guide the nails as they push down into the padding below. These makeshift quivers keep all the darts securely in place, while protecting the tips of the darts at the same time.

Alright, your customized blowgun is looking pretty impressive. You could stop here, or go one step further, and give it a laser.

Step 9: Laser Scope

Picture of Laser Scope

I found some red laser pointers at the dollar store, and imagine you can as well.

Hot glue the laser about 8-1/2” back from the tip of the barrel, then reinforce it with a couple of zip ties for durability.

The best things about these $1 lasers are how one button operates an LED flashlight, while the other activates the laser sight, making this system operable in the dark.

I got a slightly better laser from the pet section of the grocery store and turned it into a custom laser scope that compliments the gun really well.

I used about a 3" piece of PVC and 8 small screws to hold the laser pointer inside, and each screw can be adjusted.

With this setup, the position of the laser can be fine tuned with amazing precision, which results in surprisingly accurate shots.

Alright, now let’s have some fun with it.

Step 10: Nail Darts in the Backyard

Picture of Nail Darts in the Backyard

I took mine outside and found that the darts easily penetrate into wooden posts with out even trying.

They’ll also stick into tree trunks, or completely abuse the side of a wooden deck, like the one on my kids playhouse.

I was able to hit some targets from over 100 feet away, and if I missed, the darts just sailed right into the concrete wall behind it, which actually blows my mind completely. I still don’t really know how these stick into cinder block, but they do.

Step 11: Customizations & More Projects

Picture of Customizations & More Projects

Now you've probably realized that if you use different rolls of tape, you can customize your blowgun any way you want, and if you want a safer kind of ammo, try using colored mini marshmallows. They’re the perfect fit for 1/2” PVC, and can be shot safely, but still with incredible accuracy.

Well now you know how to make an incredible, laser guided blowgun, that will rattle off nail darts with power and precision. The best part is, if you make these in bulk, they can cost as little as $2.50 each. And that’s including the $1 laser.

Well that’s it for now. If you liked this project perhaps you’ll like some of my others. Check them out at


John T14 (author)2017-07-11

i made20 and the don't shoot far what do you think i did wrong?

icephoenix405 made it! (author)2017-02-26

I'm subscribed to you on youtube, and this blowgun is AMAZING!!!

SVM2005 made it! (author)2017-02-11

All I have to say is...

AWESOME!!! incredible accuracy

Willkimm98 (author)2016-02-27

How do i get the adapter to connect with the pvc pipe? I have the correct .5" pipe and .5" x 3/4" adapter but it cannot be hammered. It only goes to right before the spiral part. Anyone else have trouble with this, or know what to do?

cybaman (author)Willkimm982016-11-21

Soak it in boiling h2o. It will allow it to be stretched

ShiftP (author)2015-12-15

I've seen people with their Cold Steel blow guns killing small game. Does anyone know if this is sufficient for that as well?

SamuelP62 (author)ShiftP2016-05-07

I don't know but the real question is, should you? How would you like to be shot by one of these things?

cybaman (author)SamuelP622016-11-21

Precisely. Amen bro.

ryan8816 (author)ShiftP2016-01-09

Pretty sure you could stun a squirrel

cybaman (author)ryan88162016-11-20

What purpose would that acheive.

ryan8816 (author)cybaman2016-11-21


cybaman (author)ryan88162016-11-21

Have u ever tried it. Tastes like chicken. Needs garlic tho

YonatanG2 (author)2016-08-07

he said he will maybe start selling his stuff he does on the channel

AlexAndAmigos (author)2016-06-02

I love this

dillonxti (author)2016-01-14

i sorta made this and by sorta i made a 150 psi airgun that shoots these darts and other things that fit in the barrel

Baltoboy123 (author)2015-11-10

I used doubled over duct tape for the darts, waterproof.

foreversinging (author)2015-03-17

Does the PCV tube have t be 2 feet?

No, I made a three and a half footer that works great.

gif-kapo made it! (author)2015-10-27

es muy facil de hacer!

ejayapalan made it! (author)2015-09-08

awesome results! thanx a lot bro...respect!!

ejayapalan (author)ejayapalan2015-10-18

hi...I built an entirely new one
features added:
1.matte black paint job sight( mod of the one used in archery)
3.bipod with dart hold
5.all weather dart(with OHP sheet & china nail)

madgenius134 (author)2015-10-08

5 feet is probably better.

madgenius134 (author)2015-10-08

5 feet is probably better.

madgenius134 (author)2015-10-08

Very nice, but could be better. 2 feet is pretty short for a blowgun - 4 or

svp2003 (author)2015-08-21

WOW! Didn't know that works!

RakridoV (author)2015-08-17

And darts for it :)

ccpro14 (author)2015-08-12

ill make one with spring or spud power and make a shotgun

D_Stigall17 (author)2015-07-13

I'm definitely going to maybe one of these. great job

MV77 (author)2015-07-12

I built it. I also added some cardboard tabs to the back so the darts dont get messed up when you set it down

jashn101 (author)2015-06-25

Techgamerguy made it! (author)2015-06-06

super cool, you can also just make post it cones to shoot at friends, and I'm gonna try making new ones with sewing needles and longer thinner darts

TocanSam (author)2015-05-28

im planning on making one soon

karina.nilsson.505 (author)2015-04-02

where do you find a 1/2 x 3/4 female reducing adaptor like that one i cant find one on the inter net

go to Lowes or Home Depot or a local hardware store, PVC is relatively cheap too

it is post apocalyptic and you talk about 'female reducing'? Well, can't blame you for wanting to become more valuable in th epost apocalypse ;-)

deluges made it! (author)2015-05-28

Hey! Thanks for your I'ble, I made one and added quite a few modifications. You can find the instructable there :

ChrisC26 (author)2015-05-12

does anyone know how I can make a safety mouthpiece for my blowgun I am making I got some idea of how to make the mouthpiece I just can't figure out how to put a safety on it thanks

GRINCH1056 (author)2015-05-11

I made one exactly like this but without the laser... I also used f5 tape for a cool look. (F5 tape is used in f5 jets to keep electrical wires together)

grimlock09 (author)2015-04-30


ejayapalan made it! (author)2015-04-23

gave skin to mine, nd i changed d dart holder design a bit

ejayapalan made it! (author)2015-04-20

its too lethal...nd im luvin it...

Salamendrexy (author)2015-04-16

Mine's not ready yet, I'm missing the paint and nails for the darts.
It's really incredible what you can do with just a PVC tube, paper, and a bit of hot glue! :D
Thanks a bunch, for this detailed, High-quality Instructable!

DIYWEAPONS (author)2015-04-13

Very well documented and congrats on being a finalist but i fail to see how this would be of any use in a survival situation. I highly recommend using a 4-5 foot long pipe to have any decent power.

Porda (author)2015-04-11

Nicely documented. Great work!

rasel88 (author)2015-03-31

it is super blow gun

Axus robotics (author)2015-03-30

a very good build so good in fact I built it myself for free

You can also shoot cut pine cones for heavy ammo

RabidAlien made it! (author)2015-03-22

Got a 5' pipe, so trimmed it for a 3' and a 2' blowgun. Post-It Note darts don't hold up well when you still have standing water in your yard from recent rains. :) Otherwise, the afternoon was declared to be a great success by our 6-year-old daughter, pictured with the 3' pipe (she's still working on her grip, but was sticking the darts into the side of our little backyard storage barn fairly well).

ProTip: use nails with an actual head on them. Not sure the name, but the nails that have the little rounded nub at the tip don't grip the hot glue very well (they were all I had on hand). Still, 5 darts, 20 minutes worth of work, and an hour or so of making the backyard go *thwack*....yeah....I'll call that a win!

I was cheap and didn't put laser sights on mine. This time.

nerfrocketeer (author)2015-02-26

Awesome build, but remember that putting your mouth on PVC plastic puts you at risk for cancer. No joke. I'll be making one of these this weekend, but with a few health-mindful modifications.

Also, having one of these anywhere except your house could be in and of itself considered a felony in the US, I believe based on my experience with Airsoft...

I have never heard of it causing mouth cancer, but some electric tape should work if you are worried about that.

Not mouth cancer, liver cancer and many other ill effects.

Thanks for the tip though.

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