Picture of How To Make A Sock Monkey

My kids love these.  I just made one for our 1 year old and I put little bells inside so it jingles. Not to mention they look ridiculous which makes them all the more fun =)
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Step 1:

-1 pair of knee length socks (or socks of your choice) I bought these cute pair at Target for $2
-Doll stuffing (you can purchase at Walmart)
-Needle and thread (thread matching the color of your socks)
-Tiny Round bells (You can purchase these at Walmart or you're local craft store)
-Buttons (for eyes) I used glitter glue because this was for a 1 year old and I didn't want to -take the chance of her chewing the eyes off ;)

Step 2:

Picture of

This is actually pretty easy and I will try to be as descriptive as I can. If you have ANY questions please feel free to ask. I will even post the cut out I used because it's hard to see my chalk outlines.

Start by turning your socks inside out.  Turn your socks inside out EXACTLY as I have shown in the picture. You need the heel to be centered in the middle on ONE sock because this is going to be his body with the heel being his bum ;)

Step 3:

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Start with sock 1 in previous picture.  Next you are going to draw TWO lines up the center leaving a tiny bit of space between the two lines-draw from the bottom and stop about 1/4 inch before the colored heel part.  You are going to sew on each line you drew making sure to stop just before you get to the heel.

Then after sewing on the lines. Cut up the center (stopping right before you come to the heel) and now you have your legs!  Sew the feet shut. I suggest not cutting the legs and then sewing them. You will notice if you do this the sock will curl where you have cut making it difficult to sew.

Jent134 years ago
I am just wondering did you stuff your monkeys ears?
ybedull (author)  Jent134 years ago
Yes, I did just a little =)