Picture of How To Make A Sock Monkey

My kids love these.  I just made one for our 1 year old and I put little bells inside so it jingles. Not to mention they look ridiculous which makes them all the more fun =)

Step 1:

-1 pair of knee length socks (or socks of your choice) I bought these cute pair at Target for $2
-Doll stuffing (you can purchase at Walmart)
-Needle and thread (thread matching the color of your socks)
-Tiny Round bells (You can purchase these at Walmart or you're local craft store)
-Buttons (for eyes) I used glitter glue because this was for a 1 year old and I didn't want to -take the chance of her chewing the eyes off ;)
Jent134 years ago
I am just wondering did you stuff your monkeys ears?
ybedull (author)  Jent134 years ago
Yes, I did just a little =)