In this project you'll learn how to make a super secret safe that nobody will recognize, even if they're looking straight at it.

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Step 1: Watch the Video!

I saw a picture of a hidden wall safe on http://www.lifehacker.com and found it was a product being sold for about $8.00 from ThinkGeek.com.

Rather than order one, it seemed feasible to make one with just a couple of materials from the hardware store.  Not to mention, much cheaper.

There are so many variations that could be made to this idea.  I demonstrated 4 that I came up with, and perhaps the best one was the fact that you could just use the box behind your cable.  If you use one of those, it's completely free, and you don't have to cut any new holes in your walls.

WARNING: Extreme caution should be used when cutting into sheetrock.  There may be electrical wires, or other sensitive materials behind the wall that can't be seen, and could be damaged when cutting.   Use of video content is at own risk.
<p>Cool!</p><p>I wanted to go with the cable jack option, but I just took a look and in my house all the electrical boxes have screwless face plates, is there any way of taking them off?</p>
<p>Just pop them right off!</p>
I made this with a cable jack, and made taking it on/off a little easier. I super-glued the plate screws in place, and stripped the holes they go into. I glued some magnets to the wall along the edge of the box and on the plate, so it pops on and off with no problem, but looks completely normal.
He copied this from a book
Thieves will be searching drawers, cupboards, safes for treasures, they wouldnt have time, or effort to notice the outlet. Testing outlet? Unless thieves' phone battery is running low, and you are telling me that they brought along a charger, in case they wanna charge. Period. <br> <br>But to be on safe side, do it away from real live outlet. Do it safe.
the reality is a theaf will test outlets to see if they work or not if they don't guess what the goods in that box will be gone
DANGER! Your picture showing things stashed next to a live outlet is a disaster waiting to happen. You're putting metallic objects right next to exposed lugs coming from the outlet. If you're going to take this approach at a bare minimum screw in the lugs and wrap the sides of the outlet in electrical tape.
You are assuming it is a live outlet. There was no indication in the video that he wired the outlet. Just for show... <br>
Djharris has every reason to think it is a live outlet. In the center photo with the potted plant the author shows a cord plugged into the existing outlet. Putting loose metal objects in a live outlet box is asking for trouble. Not only can you electrocute yourself retrieving the objects, but they can short out the outlet and start a fire - maybe while your family is asleep in the house.
Uh, no. Had djharris (or anyone else reading the 'ible) had looked at the pictures or watched the video, s/he would know that there is no live wiring anywhere near the fake outlet. Sheesh. I can't believe some of the stuff I read on here sometimes.
Lack if information given in the written instructable made it unclear and no, I didn't watch the video as I was reading from my phone and didn't have earplugs with me and didn't want to disturb others when I was reading it. Besides, if I wanted video instruction I would just search you tube. <br> <br>Anyway, many outlets have a way to feed wires into the back but also provide lugs so it was NOT &quot;clear&quot; that the outlet wasn't live. <br> <br>In addition, why take up space with the entire outlet when you can take off the front plate of the outlet itself and attach it to the cover plate with tape, as well as then attach the cover plate to the wall with metal pressure tabs and fake screw heads?
I rehab houses. Trust me, just cause something is plugged into a wall outlet, does not mean there is power to it... ;-)<br><br>However, simple solution. If you do this, don't run power to the outlet.<br><br>Better?<br>
Hahaha! Cool!
Oh!my god. It's no secret forever. I like it.
Hmm ... Not big enough for hiding a body ... Haha just kidding! Thanks for the tip!!
very good tuto. l like this idea. <br/>très bon tuto. j'aime beaucoup cette idée.
No burglar is going to waste time looking at and testing all the wall plates! They usually want to get in grab the good, easy to fence valuables and get out. Especially if there is any kind of alarm. I wouldn't use a blank plate thought because that probably would look odd and may perk their interest. I think the best plate would be a phone jack because they're not going to bother phoning anyone and actually don't want anything to do with a phone. Maybe use an actual outlet but enlarge it to be a 4 outlet but only actually have 2 and leave the other side empty for your stuff. That way you can actually plug something into it like a lamp and it would never look like a safe.
I'm glad you brought this up. This trick will work against junkies and crackheads, teenagers, and that one really bad sketchy roommate that you don't trust. If you're a kid hiding your dope, it might it might not work against your parental units. They might wonder why a new outlet just appeared in your room. ;) <br> <br>However, others might be more determined (or read instructables!). A burglar doesn't need to test outlets when a good kick with a steel toed boot will do. Then it's game over. A wired outlet has the wires jammed behind it, and will cushion a blow. Without the wires, a boot will punch right through. <br> <br>Here's what I would do: locate the outlet safe near or behind a couch. Get a piece of lamp cord with a snap on plug, plug it in, and run the end behind the couch a book shelf, or whatever. Alternatively, use a lamp that you will never actually turn on. It's camouflage, and adds one more layer. <br> <br>
All well and good until the coins fall on the terminals and cause a fire in your wall.
Why, do you think that coins falling against <strong>unwired</strong> terminals will spark? I'm sure it's within the realm of possibility, but it's more likely that you'd spontaneously combust first.
This is a great idea! Thanks! <br> <br>..now, to make this fireproof.. ;)
You read my mind!
These have such a small capacity that you could hide the contents practically anywhere. <br> <br>For added security consider a tweak to the design. Use a double gang but cut out the side of the box, not the bottom so you retain the screw holes. Place valuables in a sturdy plastic bag, tie a piece of fishing line to it, then let that fall down into the wall space. This will not work with exterior walls that have insulation unless you remove a portion of it. <br> <br>With the bag dropped down into the wall, tie a loop in the fishing line and place it around the screw used to fasten down the outlet or cover plate. This not only gives you more capacity but if someone were to ever take the cover plate off it is doubtful they would realize what they had in front of them and your valuables are still hidden. <br> <br>This could come in handy in a few situations. For example if you had a cable TV problem and a tech came and took a look at the box, or someone tried to use the power outlet but you had no power to it for safety reasons, so they were inspecting it. <br> <br>Then again, you could hide more stuff in an old $2 table lamp you picked up at a garage sale and the contents are easier and faster for you to retrieve when needed.
Great place to keep you Ricin stash.
the secret is out.
Now this is actually something I could really do. I have thought about it during my teen years of trying to hide the marijuana from my folks. I had a memory problem however and usually forgot I left things in my jeans or right out in the open! Yep,glad those days are done.
I feel that marijuana is a medicine it helps me with my ADHD and my parents let me grow in my room
How nice that you just admitted on the internet that you and your parents are actively involved in criminal activity. Do you really think cops can't learn who you are? You would be wrong if you do, and you better hope they don't find out out about your incredibly stupid post.
It is legal to grow in Maine where we have a cabin and I'm legal smoking age so... It's fine I have my card
It looks like you can delete your own posts. I suggest you do that cj.
nice spot to put some ricin
wonderful idea, just love it.
You can hold a bunch of ricin in that thing!!!!
Ive seen this before and they are all the same, what i would do is remove the front of actual outlet (plug part) and glue it to the frame so more space is made, or simply 3d print the whole thing so its solid and possible even use the holes as a key.. There is tons one can do with this.
Good thinking outthnk! I'm going to use this instructable today with your idea! I'm pulling all the wires out the walls so I can make sure I'll have no risk factor. Kidding!!
Good place to put a USB flash drive with sensitive or back up information. You'll know where it is and no body else will know. Just in case you're in a business that needs protection from industrial espionage etc. Especially useful when working from home.
Love the envelope idea for the dust! Lick it and stick it! <br>
Awesome. Love the envelope idea for drywall dust. Definitely agree with making them look like all the rest of your outlets although most thieves are smash and grab big stuff.
Fake outlets have been sold for years. An experienced burglar who doesn't have time to rip off every wall plate (he won't bother to unscrew them) will look for any outlet that looks different: <br> Blank plate <br> Different color <br> Different height from the floor <br> In a wall with another outlet within 10 feet <br> No plugs <br>The coax outlet is good, especially if it has a TV connected, but consider other hides, such as the pocket in the top of a door and the envelope taped inside the bottom of a near-full box of laundry detergent and the hollow loaf of frozen bread. Come to think of it, don't use any of these, because burglars can read Instructables too.
Awesome! This is so clever!
A great place to hide your ricin!
Cut the heads off the screws and attach with some epoxy on the back side. Then use the same epoxy to attach a couple neodyne magnets. The wall box then you can add a couple washers/small metal pieces/couple more magnets or whatever. Walla! No need for a screwdriver to get into your super secret safe. ;)
Great idea man! Never would have tought something like that! <br>Congrats!
Another awesome instructable from you
Was joking, it is a good idea.
So, now a pocket power tester will become part of a burglary tool kit. :-)
Walter white is that you?
This is great! I feel like it needs a Breaking Bad reference!
I don't know if you know the term&quot;dead drop&quot; but this is perfect! Thank you once again.
I will pick up a criminal career straight away just to find a use for this wonderful idea!

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