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Due to a few requests, I have decided to make a fairly detailed tutorial for my foam armor. This is my suit create last year from foam, Its my second suit of armor and I am currently working on my third. For the purpose of ease, I will be showing pictures from both suits to help show how a suit of your own might be made. Here is a list of needed materials for foam armor.

-A knife (carpenters or hot knife, or even a scroll-saw)
-Computer with printing capabilities
-Hot glue & Glue gun (I prefer one with low/high temperature setting so that you can quickly join parts and avoid burns)
-Paper, pens, ruler etc.
-Plasti-Dip, and spray paint
-A dremel.....very, very, VERY helpful.
-And of course.....the foam! I typically use EVA foam from three retailers which are all a little different in terms of composition. 
Home Depot->   Thinner foam that bends easily, has a diamond pattern on the reverse side.
Lowe's->              Thicker foam that doesn't bend as easily, very durable and has a hatched pattern on the reverse side
Harbor Freight->Thinner foam that bends easily, has a hatched pattern on the reverse side
Now that you have got everything, Lets Begin!
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12345arrow117 days ago
How long would EVA armor make, and one that doesn't have nearly as much detail ad yours?
Dustpelt1 month ago

I'm trying to make my own custom halo armor in the same manner as my Halo: Reach spartan with the EOD helmet, the EVA shoulder plates, the default knee plates, wrist piece, default utility, default visor, and the default chest plate. I am just so confused. please HELP me out!!! my email is brokefang373@gmail.com and my number is 434-581-2160. THANK YOU!!!

Red hood2 months ago
I'm trying to make red hood armor and I don't know how to work the computer like most I'm so confused please HELP my number is 254-833-3453
Red hood2 months ago
I'm trying to make red hood armor and I don't know how to work the computer like most I'm so confused please HELP my number is 254-833-3453
Red hood2 months ago
Please call me I'm in serious need of help my number is 254-833-3453
exstatik2 months ago
Anyway you can send me a link for the n7 armor? Having a rough time finding that particular template
NLegge4 months ago
I live in Arizona and some of my hot glue seams just melt right apart after a very short time in any amount of heat. Is there another type of glue I can use for the areas that need to be held together a little stronger?
Crabby NLegge3 months ago
I use goop all purpose glue. It takes longer to set but holds up to heat.
The Irish Cowboy (author)  Crabby3 months ago
cyanoacrylic glues seem to work pretty well and can take the heat.
lwulfe NLegge4 months ago
You can buy industrial hot glue it's big and yellow you need to buy a new gun for it but it's hi temp and strong as nails
NLegge lwulfe3 months ago

Thank you!

Zedzknight NLegge3 months ago

Be wary of to extreme of heats it can also melt the EVA. Use a combo of glue Tab some places with hot glue for a quick hold and use Barge contact cement, Gorilla glue or other type of glue that is not affected by Temperature.

Guido JesusM3 months ago

Hello friend

You could decrime that you got the armudura n7 page defend Mass Effect, I do not find ... thanks

The Irish Cowboy (author)  Guido JesusM3 months ago
For everyone looking for files, search around on 405th or the RPF. They should have what you are looking for. I unfortuntaly no longer have the files.
Where can I get the Mass Effect armor pepakura that you used? And how much did the whole Mass Effect armor cost you?
The Irish Cowboy (author)  DGMauriello1 year ago
I had to custom make the templates from a model. The whole suit probably costed me about 350-500 to make.

How do you add in a visor to it, and if it needs to be cut how would I do so? What brand of visor do you recommend? Sorry for all the questions just important things to know.

TreeHobo74 months ago

this would be epic for airsoft!!

Hi. I want to make Liara's alternate armor. But I can't figure out how to make the pep file and at the right size. Also, I have no idea how to go about making the breast plate for a female. The rest seems doable. I just need a starting point. I've attached the photo of What I'm going for.

if im not mistaken this is from mass effect right?

Doesn't EVA release toxic fumes when you heat it?

Yeah, but as long as you try your best not to fully inhale tons of it, you should be okay. If you are heating it in your garage, just make sure you have a few doors open for ventilation.

it would be more advisable to use a repirator mask while ventilating the room.

DmitryS37 months ago

Commission projects?

Hi :) Awesome make, best I've seen. What did you wear under the suit?
Thanks! I searched around for a while, and finally found this:
Hey there, I was hoping for your help to scale some pep files for foam.
It's getting to the point where I should just use that as armour :) Great tutorial though.
Do you have a link for that? the boys down at the 405th have been looking for a good undersuit for the spartan 4 armor and this looks better than anything i've seen
SkreemKing139 months ago

is there any way i could get any kind of template for the N7 defender armor from you??

ffrench9 months ago
What do you use for the gloves?
TobyM19 months ago

What thickness of foam would you recommend?

Call_meStark9 months ago

Is there a way I can contact you? Possible business?

Grafx4Life10 months ago
Did you just plasti-dip and paint or did you use wet sanding and multiple coats?
sq_10_e1 year ago
Latex based house paint (cheaper than plasti-dip) also works for sealing and priming the foam for your spray paint choice.
Grafx4Life sq_10_e10 months ago
That's a great tip I've never seen anywhere. Thanks!
AlecR10 months ago

How much did it cost you?

leowrick691 year ago
dude it looks awesome i am trying to get into making a few things but it very hard to find ppl willing to talk to you like a newbie and not like youre stupid. I have a ton of questions and need some answered there are alot of things I want to make just need the right starter help lol. My son has been bothering me for spartan armor for a few years just trying to get it made somehow lol
The Irish Cowboy (author)  leowrick691 year ago
Shoot your questions! Send me a message if you'd like! :)
hey hey armor is badass. did you use an a4 printer for the templates?
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