How to Make the Low Cost Inventory Storage System





Introduction: How to Make the Low Cost Inventory Storage System

I posted a thread at Home Made Storage Cube--Get My Ribbon Organized (

A lot of feedback received asking for the instruction. So here it is -- Store inventory in the most efficient way.

Step 1: Get the Boxes

The best place is The boxes I bought are:

13X13X13 CUBE BOX 25/500 --$18 for 25 boxes

12X6X6 LONG BOX 25/900 --$8 for 25 boxes

25 cube boxes and 100 long boxes make 25 cubes.

Step 2: Assemble 13x13x13 Cube Boxes

cut the flappers on one side. Black & Decker Cordless Power Scissors are used for this job (You can use any cutting tool you have).

Step 3: Tape Cubes Together

Tape cubes together--front, back and side. Then put them against the wall.

Step 4: Assemble 12x6x6 Long Boxes Which Will Be Drawers.

Cut out a square at one end of the box. 4 drawers fit in 1 cube. Please note how the drawers are put into the cube--the tapes show where the flappers are sealed--2 vertical and 2 horizontal. Otherwise the drawers will be too tight to slide.

Step 5: Load Inventories

Load ribbons (or whatever your inventories are) in the drawers, write the description on the box and then slide them into cubes. Sort the drawer by alphabetic order for best result. Here is the article about sorting everything in alphabetic order:

Step 6: The Cube Without the Drawers Can Be Used for Larger Objects.

No drawer boxes needed for larger objects.

Step 7: For Smaller Objects

Use small containers to store small objects.

Step 8: How to Get Those Small Containers for Free?

These are tennis ball cans. Check with your local tennis club. You'll get hundreds of them for free.

Step 9: If the Containers Are Full

These cans are almost full so the box flappers (got a lot in step 2) are padded under the can's open side to prevent the hair clips from falling out.

Step 10: More Pictures

Here are more pictures.

Step 11: More Storage Tips

Visit out website to view more storage tips and FREE how to make hair bow clip instructions:



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A tip for getting free boxes.... if you're not down with dumpster diving, or if that's turning up not enough of the right size boxes, go to the postal service website, and they will ship you any and all boxes you need many as you want... for FREE. Just don't get more than you need, or you run the risk of ending up with an unexpected delivery of a wall of boxes full of boxes.....oops. yes, I did that. haha.

Using those boxed for any other use than mailing thru the U.S mail is a federal offense of theft. THey are not free they cost the post office money and are meant to be used for priority mail.

4 years later but still just as important ! ! !

This is what I did. I ordered the boxes from the postal service then I also have boxes readily available for shipping product. Instead of cutting off the flaps I tuck them in. I just order more as needed and then I don't have to worry about the boxes getting weak from the weight of the products inside!

I think this is a wonderful idea.This also can be used with recycled boxes.A great way to sustain and organize.Good job

Like mistresszelena said about the mice & rats also includes roaches & crickets. I use Sterilite plastic storage containers. One suggestion for using cardboard might be to cover it with self adhesive contact drawer lining to make it more impervious.

Purely functional form.

I will probably use this for temporary storage but I have some concerns.One concern is water damage. I've lost so many craft supplies over the years to flooding, broken pipes, leaks, etc. I will always choose plastic with lids over cardboard. Also mice & rats love to eat through cardboard. Even in a rental storage unit things don't seem to be safe. Once without telling us, they ripped the roof off the unit to repair it, covering everything with debris. Another time the roof leaked and I lost a lot of fabric to mold. Your solution however is perfect for setting up shop if you have to travel or move a lot or if you are living on a shoestring.

Some of the comments seem to think postal boxes are a great resource for free stuff. Sure, if you want to run afoul of the law. Not to mention if you are in the USA people stealing these boxes doesn't help with the cost of postage that keeps going up and up.

Thanks for this. I've followed 'Instructables' for a while now, but your post has convinced my wife it could be worth checking out too.

Thanks for this. I've followed 'Instructables' for a while now, but your post has convinced my wife it could be worth checking out too.