Yikes! That's the second string I've broke today and I don't have any more replacements.

Here is an easy way to make more string for your Yo-Yo, just like the kind you would buy from Duncan. String is about 38 inches in length. This method can even be modified to make rope.

I did not come up with this method myself, I found a video on YouTube. I just improved the method a bit.

Update July 22 2011:
Wow, I got featured and on the front page. Thanks Instuctable editor(s). To bad I never updated the pictures like I keep planing to do.

Step 1: Gathering Materials


*Tape Measure
*Sewing Thread
*Block of Wood about 5.5 inches X 8 inches
*Hand Drill
*Marker or Pencil
*Few nails (Finishing)
*Wood floor or long wood board that you can mark up and nail
Will this work with loger strings if you stick to the same proportions?
I find this slightly confusing... could you just do a quick sketch on where the parts are? doesnt have to be to scale.. just label the spaces? thanks... and a quick drawing of where the string goes? thanks.. <br>-R
Is this what you are asking for?<br><br>To be quite honest I hardly remember myself. It has been quite awhile since I made any string let along used a Yo-Yo. I am getting back into it and one of my goals this summer is hopefully to update this Instructable with clearer pictures.
Yupppp thats perfect.. Just btw.. You happen to know how to do &quot;yuuki slack&quot; by yuuki spencer? (its a trick for all you beginners) cuz i am stuck after the double or nothing part..<br>Thanks<br>-R<br>Ps: i will be stocking up on strings this weekend :D
Thanks a lot man, now I have a string for my yoyo, finally^^
Glad to hear that!
thanks...<br /> www.kik-kokik.co.cc<br />
The end can be done by hooking a yoyo into the looop, and just letting go so the yoyo spins it out for you.<br />
nice instructable! just broke my string (second time i broke this string, first time it was up by the finger loop so i just cut it short and retied a loop, this time it broke on the axle loop so i'm screwed). i'm gonna go out on my deck and make some strings tomorrow : ) i might try braided fishing line for added durability (instead of sewing thread).<br />
can my yoyo sleep with this string
Yes. That is why it must be folded in half so that the loop is created to attach to the Yo-yo and make it sleep.
so I like the machine, and was wondering if the dimensions on it were the same as the dims at the beginning. it would be nice if you could put the dims for the machine in a comment so those of us who have the time could make one too. thanks
the general layout is the same. Just make it so that the half nail, slide and length are the given dimensions. I would go out and get some quick dimensions but since this it has been disassemble and I am in the middle of trying to devise a new smaller machine but that wont be for a long time.
Thanks alot for posting this...it was really helpful...i went home yesterday and put my own setup together, and made my first yoyo string. The only thing is it was a little too tight. I think I ran the drill just a bit too long, because when i went to bend the string around the nail and bring it back to the block it wouldn't reach. So next time i will just wind a little less. Thanks again for an awesome idea.
i've been experimenting with 50/50 cotton/poly blends. 4 strands each (2 wraps) poly and cotton + 1 wrap (2 strands) thin invisible nylon = super slick, responsive, and strong! I make all kind of crazy colors and thicknesses depending on the yoyo. Made a new rig with bent paperclips and sharpened ends. It sticks in my carpet and works great. Thank you again!!<br/>
hay perry nice job i live in libya (north africa) nad a yo yo fan and he problom ( you know) now replacmin) so we have to by a new yo yo and play with it so thank u very much
I just snapped my string on a modded Duncan mosquito. Thought to myself, I wonder if you can make your own? I came here first and what do ya know! Yayyyyyyyy!!!!! Now I have 10 extra strings within 1 hour for pennies!!!! I just used 2 tacks in a wooden floor crack spaced 95 inches apart, wound it with the drill till it was tight (using your video for reference I 'eyeballed' the tightness) then I folded it around my head, looped the first tack and twisted away. It worked perfect! Best string ever! And I can make multicolors too! I heart instructables!!!
Erm the measurements don't add up... also, when I tried it, the string got way shorter, ending at like 34ish... is there a particular direction u have to bend to during step 8? Thanks for making this though
It will get shorter in step 8 then the half length. If it is to short just increase the distances between the drill, 1/2 nail and slide. There is no specific direction that I bend to.
Great Job!!!
Thank you!
when you twist it by hand do you make it tighter or looser
twisting by hand makes it get longer in length so it must be looser but only a little, thanks for looking.
thank you
Good job on the instructable. I have just one suggestion in mind: At the end, when you twist the string by hand.. you could just remove the string from the "block" end (while keeping it taut) and put a yoyo into the loop and use that yoyo to keep the string taut instead. From there, you can just use the weight of the yoyo to keep the string taut, so leave it to dangle and the yoyo will help the string naturally twist itself and you'll save the time and effort spent in that part of the process.
Thanks for your suggestion. After making this instructable I have came up with some improvements. 1st: I put legs on my "machine" 2nd: I hooked up a light switch and an outlet so that the slide when it reaches the STOP block turns off the drill automatically, I just lock the drills trigger. (I also use a different drill to reduce stress on my good drill) 3rd: I use a crochet hook to remove the string from the hook in the drill and to tie knots. 4th: I no linger twist the string at the end by hand. I took a DC motor that spins the CD in a radio and attached a hook on the end like that in the drill. This way I just hook on the string and let it twist itself well keeping it taut. I plan on updating the instructable soon and will add this and other tricks and tips. Thanks to everyone for their interest
Great, another yo-yo instructable! How to make string is a great idea for an instructable, thanks for posting it.
Neat instructable.<br/>Please spell-check and proof-read. =)<br/>
Thanks. Yikes, it did need spell checking.

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