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Introduction: How to Make Yo-Yo String

Yikes! That's the second string I've broke today and I don't have any more replacements.

Here is an easy way to make more string for your Yo-Yo, just like the kind you would buy from Duncan. String is about 38 inches in length. This method can even be modified to make rope.

I did not come up with this method myself, I found a video on YouTube. I just improved the method a bit.

Update July 22 2011:
Wow, I got featured and on the front page. Thanks Instuctable editor(s). To bad I never updated the pictures like I keep planing to do.

Step 1: Gathering Materials


*Tape Measure
*Sewing Thread
*Block of Wood about 5.5 inches X 8 inches
*Hand Drill
*Marker or Pencil
*Few nails (Finishing)
*Wood floor or long wood board that you can mark up and nail

Step 2: Preperation

First you must find an open surface to work on, floor or wooden board about 10 feet in length.
NOTE: use scrap wood or a wooden floor in your garage to mark and nail on , NOT THE FLOOR IN YOUR HOUSE.

Mark out the following;

Start With a Line and Write DRILL next to it. This is where the drill will be placed.

Measuring from previous line and go 107 Inches (8ft 11 inches) and draw a line and write START. This is where the block will start.

From START measure 24 inches (2ft) toward DRILL line and write STOP. You guessed it, this is where the block will stop.

Now from STOP measure 38.5 inches towards DRILL. Write 1/2.

Step 3: Now Nail It!

At DRILL, START and STOP line place 2 large nails each. At 1/2 line place 1

Step 4: Now to Make the Block

Place a large nail in center of block and a small one off to the side.

NOTE: Grind off head of nail so string will slip on or off.

Last place hook in drill chuck.

Step 5: Now Lets Make String!

Place wooden block with nails at start such that nails will hold it back.

Place drill at drill end.

Now tie the string end to small nail in corner.

Loop string around hook and large nail four times.

Tie end of string together with end on small nail, cut off excess.

Step 6: Twist

Turn block so it will pass through the nails.

Place drill in forward such that it will drive a screw in or drill a hole. Turn on drill and run until block hits STOP line.

Note: Plug drill in. Very Important!!

Step 7: Almost There

Place string against nail at 1/2 line.

Take string off hook attached to drill so that you have an open loop at the end. Keep it taut or it will tangle up!

For help getting string off hook see video.

Place drill in reverse, pinch string about 1 1/2" from hook and run drill slowly until an opening appears. Place finger in and remove.

Step 8: Finishing It Up

Keep holding taut, swing string around nail and place end on your finger on the nail in the block that other end of string is attached to.

Pull string looped around 1/2 nail and continue to keep it taut. Facing block spin end in your hand in a counter clock wise movement SLOWLY. String should naturally want to twist that way.. Twist until string doesn't want to twist anymore.

NOTE: String still might twist around still when you let go.

Measure to length, tie knot and go Yo!

Step 9: Extra

Here is video of me making string using method

Here is the "machine" I built to make string easier. I have a few improvements to make and will post them when done.



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    Will this work with loger strings if you stick to the same proportions?

    I find this slightly confusing... could you just do a quick sketch on where the parts are? doesnt have to be to scale.. just label the spaces? thanks... and a quick drawing of where the string goes? thanks..

    Is this what you are asking for?

    To be quite honest I hardly remember myself. It has been quite awhile since I made any string let along used a Yo-Yo. I am getting back into it and one of my goals this summer is hopefully to update this Instructable with clearer pictures.


    Yupppp thats perfect.. Just btw.. You happen to know how to do "yuuki slack" by yuuki spencer? (its a trick for all you beginners) cuz i am stuck after the double or nothing part..
    Ps: i will be stocking up on strings this weekend :D

    Thanks a lot man, now I have a string for my yoyo, finally^^


    The end can be done by hooking a yoyo into the looop, and just letting go so the yoyo spins it out for you.

    nice instructable! just broke my string (second time i broke this string, first time it was up by the finger loop so i just cut it short and retied a loop, this time it broke on the axle loop so i'm screwed). i'm gonna go out on my deck and make some strings tomorrow : ) i might try braided fishing line for added durability (instead of sewing thread).

    can my yoyo sleep with this string