How to Open a Lock





Introduction: How to Open a Lock

This is a easy way to open a combination lock.

Step 1: Lock It

Make sure the latch is locked to begin.start by turning the knob to the right 3 times and land on zero.

Step 2: Start With the First Number

After you turn the knob right 3 times turn it right once more and land on your first my case it's 38

Step 3: Second Number

Now you are gonna turn the knob to the you are keep your eye on the second as the number passes the little arrow spin the knob twice landing on your second number the second time

Step 4: The Last Number

When on your second number turn to the right and land on you third all you have to do is pull the latch!



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    So the steps is u go 0 three times then right then left and then right but i keep forgetting it


    The only way I know how to open one of these is with a shim. So this is actually useful. Thanks!

    the best method to open a lock,,,

    it's a good instructable for anyone that doesn't know how to use a padlock. (EX. students that are starting to use lockers)

    Thanks, I did not know that.