How to Pick a Lock With Hairpins





Introduction: How to Pick a Lock With Hairpins

Lock picking is as old as locks themselves, and is enjoyed as a hobby and practical skill worldwide. While it has been tainted in many people's minds as something only done by criminals, it is in fact a skill that could very well save your life if kidnapped, as well as saving hundreds of dollars in locksmithing costs to open things for which the key has been lost. Criminals and thieves are far more likely to break a window and in other ways use force to open things rather than trouble with the delicate, and many times lengthy method of picking.

Practice locks such as the one used in this video can be found for sale online with little searching, but all that is really necessary to practice is a simple padlock. Practicing lock picking should only be done on a lock that is not essential to some purpose, as it is possible to damage a lock if done incorrectly. It of course should also not be done on a lock that does not belong to you, as doing so is likely illegal.



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Very nice 'ible. And thanks for clearing the name of lock picking; it's a challenging, dexterity-requiring, practical skill, but tell anyone it's your hobby, and you're suddenly labeled as a deviant!

XD same thing goes when you tell them you can pick a lock in under 10 seconds...

Nah, wana be a devient? Pick your way out of handcuffs behind your back...while at a party. If a cop puts you in them...dont pick em. Might get a felony resisting arrest.

Excellent video! It would be interesting to have another video that discusses how to do it for things like warded pins (like those shown at the end of this video), lever locks, or auto-jamming mechanisms (for instance a chubb lock).

There are quite a few other videos out there for picking security pins and other types of locks, I just felt there wasn't a great example of an introduction using this particular method which is so popular to show in entertainment.

I appreciate the transparent view... I have picked many locks before, but never really had the chance to see exactly what was going on the inside... Thanks for the informative video!!


Can you do an 'ible with images... I can't access video.

Stupid family security settings

That's a pretty good intro!

If you want to add any content to your Instructable, we have some resources that might help.



On the mobile app for andriod, why can't I see multiple strps? All I see is thr intro....

Sweet instructable! Breaks down the basic concepts of lock picking perfectly. This article also provides a thorough overview: