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Hey Night Hawk... I didn't realize you were on here to, this is great 1 day up and I already have almost 3,000 views!! This place is a lot more loving then YouTube... XD

Anyways, cool to see you around and keep making awesome Vids!!

kreiscal1 year ago
I love your videos. I wish I had the time to make everything you do. I love the static electricity generator. Would this work right as an ionizer?
darman121 year ago
I made this video for my chemistry class this last year. When I take separate recordings of my voice for different parts of the video, my tone changes a lot. Do you have any suggestions of how I can make it more consistent? Do you have any other comments about how to improve the video in general?

I'd really appreciate it if you took a look at it and let me know how I can improve.

NightHawkInLight (author)  darman121 year ago
Your voice changes aren't that bad. You always notice them more when it's your own voice. I do a lot of takes to get my voice right in my videos. It helps to record the audio while standing and speaking at full volume. It will also sound much more consistent if you adjust the volume of each clip to be at the same level when you edit the video.

As for your message about the vacuum pump, the dremel may work but it will be very hard to get the holes consistent enough to thread your hose fitting into and keep it air tight. Really you should just buy a drill. They're not very expensive and you will use it for tons of projects. I recommend one with a power cord rather than batteries.
Thanks for the tips :) I am operating on a small budget, so I don't think I will be able to buy a drill and all of the materials. I think I can borrow one from my scout leader anyway.

Again, thanks.
darman121 year ago
Your videos are super awesome! I love watching them :) You are a very talented DIYer and video maker!

I want to make the vacuum pump, but I do not have a drill to make all of those holes. Do you have any suggestions on another way to make the holes? I have a dremel, but I'm not sure that will cut it (no pun intended).

Thanks for sharing your talents.

luv your stuff they are the best ever!!!
Bro you are awesome I LOVE the sort of stuff you make and post you are awesome. Stay cool, bro.
rock on !m! (>.<) !m!
pyromanic2 years ago
can you build a pyro system. that is a thing that mounts on to you arm a shoots a jet of flame

that would be so cool. you are so good a making things you could make that.

can you make this instructable: How to Make a Static Electricity Generator - Shock Anything & Fry Electronics with a Touch! step by step along with the video

I've seen oodles of your videos on youtube... Very cool! I've been trying some small scale stuff... Cant find any Kno3 here in Canada though... Ah well.

Are you going to be posting much of your stuff here?
NightHawkInLight (author)  I_am_Canadian5 years ago
Yes I should be posting more of what I have on YouTube here when I get around to it. It's likely I will not upload anything to this site that is not on YouTube.
I don't spend much time on YOUtube (other than listening to dubstep ), but I spend twelve hours a day here on instructables.

mayday122 years ago
I voted because i'm a huge fan of yours. I mean airsoft and fireworks, my two favorite things!
Wow you have a lot of subscribers on YouTube, how long have you been doing this and where do you get the most viewers from?

Anyways I hope you bring your ballistic knife video back soon.