Picture of How To Plasti-Dip Car Parts
Today, i am going to show you the proper way to plasti-dip interior car parts

Step 1: Materials:

Picture of Materials:
You will need the following: A can (or more) of plastidip Some sort of rag or paper towel Some type of cleaner/degreaser Newspaper, and painters tape (optional) Your part that you wish to dip.
Mike Benton2 years ago
Thank you! I was just looking aye my aging interior and wondering what to do
mistafixit2 years ago
I hate this stuff but at least you showed the right way to apply it... Kudos
steez-o2321 (author) 2 years ago
Glad i could help!
szarei2 years ago
Well done ! It gave me some ideas about my old car! Thanks :)