Introduction: How to Remember the Order of the Planets

This will be simple to remember the order of the Planets. It will be a woman's name to remember the whole Planet.

Step 1: How to Remember

Ok Heres how to remember
Miss Vem J. Sun Or Miss Vem J Sunp If Pluto was a planet.

Mercury Miss
Venus,Earth,Mars VEM
Jupiter J
Saturn,Uranus,Neptune Sun


Miss Mercury
Vem Venus+Earth+Mars
J Jupiter
Sun Saturn+Uranus+Neptune

You Got It. If you don't get it commence me.


Quadrat (author)2014-01-04

Polish Mój Wujek Zapisał Mi Jak Streścić Układ Naszych Planet

Ward_Nox (author)2008-09-30

My Very Evil Mother Just Smacked Up Nana

Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune

had to change it once they official dropped Pluto

Orngrimm (author)Ward_Nox2012-10-18

In german, there is another word-game for that:
"Mein Vater Erklärt Mir Jeden Sonntag Unsere Neun Planeten"
--> My father explains every sunday our nine planets

it worked as long as Pluto was a planet...
Now you simply trunc the last word... :)
I dont know if there is a "new" sentence for that now in german... Ahwell :)

josefu0 (author)Ward_Nox2008-09-30

ya easy for me to say miss vem j. sun

gamer (author)2008-09-29

Haha, I can see Uranus! haha Cheezy pickup line follows: Hi, My name is Jimmy, I'm an astronaut, My next mission is to explore Uranus! Haha

lil larry (author)gamer2011-03-04

dirty minded

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