How to Stop Hackers on Gmail


Introduction: How to Stop Hackers on Gmail

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In this video I'll show you how to stop hackers on gmail by implementing the two step verification process.  I started noticing a red warning message at the top of my Gmail Inbox that said "we believe your account was recently accessed from Poland and Mexico".  This was alarming because I live in the United States and I hadn't logged into my account in those countries.  If this happens to you don't worry the problem can be fixed within 5 minutes by following along with this video tutorial.  You'll quickly learn everything you need to know to add another level of security to your gmail account with 2 Step Verification.

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    it's surprising how many people don't really think about how the security systems will work out in an actual security situation. for instance, I think the guy who hacked sarah palin's gmail account just used her security questions, which, with someone as famous as palin, could be found on wikipedia. (I think she used her place of birth and some other personal-but-out-there kind of thing, like date of birth or maiden name or something.)

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    It is surprising in that sense. In another sense people today are inundated with signing up for new accounts everywhere they turn. The easiest thing to do is remember one password for all your accounts but it's definitely not the most secure thing to do. I guess thats human nature. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    When google phones your landline with the code (voice) - who pays for the call? In particular who pays for the *international* calls?

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    That is a great question. I have no idea. I always opt for the text message service because I have unlimited texting. I'll look into that though.