Hello in this video I will show you my technique for making my Lead Pirate Coin Ingots...
Many of you might recognize the coin I use to make the mold, as part of the "Pirates of The Caribbean Franchise...

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this video and remember to work In a Well Ventilated area, free of any distractions.

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Step 1: Update 7/12/2014: I Found the Most Perfect Little Storage Chest at the Store the Other Day for 2 Dollars!

<p>hooly dooly, cobber, top vid, and very informative, on something out of left field, but I for one reckon, TOP JOB sport.</p><p>So chapter turns the lead into gold ????? </p><p>ha ha, just joshing... </p>
<p>Very cool! And great information on lead casting and safety too!</p>
<p>as always lots of great information presented clearly. Keep up the great work.</p>
<p>Thanks very much, and I appreciate you taking the time to comment :)</p>

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