How to Add a Google Map to Your Website





Introduction: How to Add a Google Map to Your Website

This short tutorial will help you embedded and google map into your website. This tutorial is under the assumption that you know how to use your content management system(CMS), or are familiar with NTML at a basic level.

Step 1: Finding Your Map

Simply go to and search for your business or the area you would like your map to display.

Step 2: Sharing

Find and click the share button.

Step 3: Embed

A pop-up will display on the screen, you will locate and click the "embed" button.

Step 4: Size

Select the size of the map you would prefer.

Step 5: Copy Embed Code

Simply copy the embed code.

Step 6: Paste the Code

Now open up your page editor and paste the embed code inside the html or "text" editor. When you have done this correctly you will have a map display on the web page you have created.

To view a live page with the map code embedded properly simply visit



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Far too many stores don't have there Google map set up the right way and Then people can never find the place because Google thinks that out is somewhere else.