Step 3: Place/Secure Bottom Flange

Picture of Place/Secure Bottom Flange
2006_08_12 010.jpg
Because we’re not experts we built this from one end to the other. This isn’t the most efficient way to do it, but it will ensure that rail is firm and doesn’t have any slop in it from mis-measurement.

Place the flange so that you can see your mark in the middle of the circle.
Mark the two hole locations with the marker.
Remove Flange
Drill your holes
Put flange in place.
Screw in Concrete anchors.

We needed to use a rachet on the screws to get them seated all the way.
simplifiedbuilding (author) 9 years ago
PLEASE NOTE: As many have observed, as it turns out this rail is not as secure that it needs to be. We are going to replace the tapcons with some heavy duty concrete toggle bolts. We'll update our project when we finish.